Windows XP Performance Boost

I real­ize Win­dows XP has been out for sev­er­al years and that this tip has been well pub­li­cized, but I’m going to repeat it here because even on today’s tech­nol­o­gy (a dual-core 2.13 giga­hertz proces­sor with a 256 megabyte graph­ics card and 1 giga­byte of RAM), I notice an increase in per­for­mance. If my com­put­er is ben­e­fit­ing from it, it stands to rea­son that a great many out there will. 

Note that by fol­low­ing these steps, you’ll sac­ri­fice much of Win­dows XP’s eye-can­dy. For me, most of it is sim­ply a dis­trac­tion. The point is, the few­er visu­al effects your com­put­er must ren­der, there will be more sys­tem resources to do things that mat­ter, like run­ning pro­grams quickly.

  • Open the Sys­tem applet in the Con­trol Pan­el. (Also avail­able via right-click­ing My Com­put­er and select­ing Prop­er­ties.
  • From the Advanced tab, open the Per­for­mance Options dia­log by click­ing Set­tings under Per­for­mance.
  • On the Visu­al Effects tab, choose “Adjust for best performance.”
  • Close both dialogs via OK buttons.

You may have noticed that by select­ing “Adjust for best per­for­mance,” all of the check box­es under “Cus­tom” were des­e­lect­ed. For my own pur­pos­es, I choose “Cus­tom” and leave “Smooth edges of screen fonts” and “Smooth-scroll list box­es.” Those are my two essen­tials. I’m sure you would have oth­ers, so take some time if you’d like to pick out those effects you just can’t live with­out, while leav­ing inac­tive those which don’t mat­ter to you.

Also, if you are unfa­mil­iar with file man­age­ment and the var­i­ous file types that there are, I rec­om­mend leav­ing “Use com­mon tasks in fold­ers” activated.

The few­er effects you acti­vate, the bet­ter (from a per­for­mance stand­point). I post this, and I can­not help but won­der what Win­dows Vista must be like, as from what I under­stand it’s even heav­ier on the eye can­dy. I don’t want to be daz­zled; I want a com­put­er that gets the most out of what­ev­er proces­sor I’ve picked out!

– And with all that being said, I do promise my reg­u­lar read­ers that I’ll post some real, on-top­ic con­tent soon enough. I’ve just not been very cre­ative late­ly, out­side of attempt­ing to con­vert Cloud 9 Lyrics to cloud­Nine.

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Rick Beckman