Windows XP Performance Boost

I realize Windows XP has been out for several years and that this tip has been well publicized, but I’m going to repeat it here because even on today’s technology (a dual-core 2.13 gigahertz processor with a 256 megabyte graphics card and 1 gigabyte of RAM), I notice an increase in performance. If my computer is benefiting from it, it stands to reason that a great many out there will.

Note that by following these steps, you’ll sacrifice much of Windows XP’s eye-candy. For me, most of it is simply a distraction. The point is, the fewer visual effects your computer must render, there will be more system resources to do things that matter, like running programs quickly.

  • Open the System applet in the Control Panel. (Also available via right-clicking My Computer and selecting Properties.
  • From the Advanced tab, open the Performance Options dialog by clicking Settings under Performance.
  • On the Visual Effects tab, choose “Adjust for best performance.”
  • Close both dialogs via OK buttons.

You may have noticed that by selecting “Adjust for best performance,” all of the check boxes under “Custom” were deselected. For my own purposes, I choose “Custom” and leave “Smooth edges of screen fonts” and “Smooth-scroll list boxes.” Those are my two essentials. I’m sure you would have others, so take some time if you’d like to pick out those effects you just can’t live without, while leaving inactive those which don’t matter to you.

Also, if you are unfamiliar with file management and the various file types that there are, I recommend leaving “Use common tasks in folders” activated.

The fewer effects you activate, the better (from a performance standpoint). I post this, and I cannot help but wonder what Windows Vista must be like, as from what I understand it’s even heavier on the eye candy. I don’t want to be dazzled; I want a computer that gets the most out of whatever processor I’ve picked out!

— And with all that being said, I do promise my regular readers that I’ll post some real, on-topic content soon enough. I’ve just not been very creative lately, outside of attempting to convert Cloud 9 Lyrics to cloudNine.

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