Widgetizing Thesis’ Multimedia Box

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What bet­ter way to start my blog­ging blog than to share a tip for Word­Press blog­gers using the world’s best theme?

The sub­ject of The­sis’ mul­ti­me­dia box comes up quite a bit on our sup­port forums, with users want­i­ng to do a vari­ety of things in that area. (Hon­est­ly, I’m con­vinced that every theme needs a mul­ti­me­dia box akin to The­sis’; users are doing all sorts of amaz­ing things with it!) One of the ques­tions I haven’t been able to answer up to this point is how to wid­getize the mul­ti­me­dia box area, allow­ing for far more cus­tomiza­tion with­out the need to write or even copy a sin­gle line of code.

The answer comes from one Adam Bar­ber (@adambarber), and the solu­tion was eas­i­er than I ever thought! 

All that’s required is a sim­ple addi­tion to your custom_functions.php file:

register_sidebar(array('name' => 'Multimedia Box', 'before_widget' => '<li class="widget %2$s">', 'after_widget' => '</li>', 'before_title' => '<h3>', 'after_title' => '</h3>'));

function multimedia_box_widgets() {
	echo '<ul class="sidebar_list">';
	dynamic_sidebar('Multimedia Box');
	echo '</ul>';
add_action('thesis_hook_multimedia_box', 'multimedia_box_widgets');

The first line reg­is­ters our new “side­bar,” or wid­getized area. We use the same options as used by The­sis’ default side­bars, but we name the area some­thing mean­ing­ful for our pur­pose: “Mul­ti­me­dia Box.”

The third through sev­enth lines cre­ate the func­tion which out­puts our new wid­getized area. Ordi­nar­i­ly, only the sec­ond through fourth of these three lines is need­ed, and it would be placed in the theme files where we want the wid­gets to appear. How­ev­er, with The­sis, in order to facil­i­tate the eas­i­est pos­si­ble upgrade expe­ri­ence, we pre­fer to keep all cus­tomiza­tions with­in the custom/ fold­er, and we wrap the code we want to add with­in a func­tion (or, action) which can then be hooked into the appro­pri­ate place with­in The­sis, which is what the final line of the code does.

Once you have added the code and uploaded the file to your remote The­sis custom/ fold­er, you will be able to select a new wid­getized area in the Appear­ance » Wid­gets pan­el of your site. In the Appear­ance » The­sis Options pan­el, set your mul­ti­me­dia box to use “cus­tom code.” That’s it!

Now, per­haps you want dif­fer­ent items appear­ing on the mul­ti­me­dia box depend­ing on which page you’re vis­it­ing; no prob­lem! Because this is now a wid­getized area, you can con­trol it via the likes of the Wid­get Log­ic Word­Press plugin!

42 thoughts on “Widgetizing Thesis’ Multimedia Box”

  1. I fol­lowed your instruc­tions exact­ly and copied and past­ed the code. When I add wid­gets to the mm box they show up ok but it repeats at the bot­tom of the side­bar. Any suggestions..

      1. Is it still nec­es­sary to alter custom_functions.php for this if we are using your Open Hook? Excuse my igno­rance, Rick, but you have cre­at­ed a fair­ly new reply to this thread, and you don’t men­tion Open Hook any­where. If we can use Open Hook, we’d put the 2–4 lines, where? Mul­ti­me­dia box? Or, is it some­thing you still have to alter the file man­u­al­ly to do? I’ve been unsuc­cess­ful with any cus­tomiza­tions that require changes to custom_functions.php.

        Also, I’ve been hav­ing lots of dif­fi­cul­ty with cus­tomiza­tions in gen­er­al, even with Open Hook–everything results in a “pars­ing” error. I don’t know where I can post a gen­er­al request for help with these errors–please point me in the right direc­tion. There has to be a sim­ple solution.

  2. lavene­do­ra: There’s an area for Open­Hook sup­port on the offi­cial DIYthemes sup­port com­mu­ni­ty, so feel free to seek help there.

    How­ev­er and unfor­tu­nate­ly, the above code like­ly won’t work in Open­Hook. The first line of the code must be active when the admin pan­el is called, and none of Open­Hook’s box­es per­form any action at all with­in the admin panel.

    Open your custom_functions.php file, and add the code to the very end of the file. Should work fine, but let me know if it doesn’t.

  3. Thanks, Rick. I’ll give it a try and let you know if there are any issues with plug­ging it direct­ly into custom_functions.php.

  4. For some rea­son the plu­g­in isn’t work­ing any­more. It was before. Even when I try and add an image through my custom_function file it does­n’t work. What do you think could be the issue?

  5. t: Do you mean Open­Hook isn’t work­ing? If so, drop by the Open­Hook sup­port forum on the DIYthemes board and explain the sit­u­a­tion — The­sis ver­sion, Open­Hook ver­sion, the exact code you’re using, and so on. Thanks.

  6. I went to the diy forums but did­n’t see a forum for open hook sup­port just a sup­port for 1.5. Is that where I’m sup­posed to post it?

  7. I found it but I can tell you here what’s going on…

    I’m run­ning 1.5 v7

    I’m try­ing to cre­ate a box and place it with the plugin…

    Here’s what I put in the after header

    <div class=“commentbox”></div>

    Here’s what’s in my custom.css

    .cus­tom .com­ment­box {bor­der: sol­id 1px; height: 50px; width: 300px; back­ground: #eeeedd;}

    Here’s the prob­lem. It showed up fine, then i refreshed and it dis­ap­peared. Then I insert­ed the word “test” between the div tags. It showed up. Then I got rid of the word “test” and just insert­ed a “t” and the box dis­ap­peared again but the “t” showed up . Then I got rid of the “t” and noth­ing showed up again. Then i put the word “test” in there and just the word “test” shows with no box.

    The box did show up once but I can’t get it back. Any suggestions???

  8. Hey Rick,

    Wooo hoooo … Thanks again for your help. I got the wid­getized mul­ti­me­dia box going. How easy & how cool!

  9. Rick,
    In the Appear­ance | Edi­tor win­dow — I don’t have a custom_functions.php file — I do have “cus­tom tem­plate” and “func­tions”
    But not custom_functions
    What am I miss­ing here?

  10. Rick
    Found it via FTP — added the addi­tion­al lines — in Notepad++
    then uploaded it.
    In Appear­ance | Wid­gets — don’t see any change.

  11. Not nec­es­sar­i­ly. Open­Hook lets you eas­i­ly add con­tent to the Mul­ti­me­dia Box, but it still isn’t wid­getized. If you want to eas­i­ly add wid­gets to the mul­ti­me­dia box, then the tuto­r­i­al is still rel­e­vant. Although, I’m not sure it even works these days. May have to revis­it it when I have the time.

  12. Using the MM Box Wid­get cre­at­ed with your sim­ple, much appre­ci­at­ed cod­ing, I would like to put dif­fer­ent videos on dif­fer­ent pages. How do I do that?

    Thanks in advance.

  13. If you’re going to accom­plish that with wid­gets, then you’ll need to use a plu­g­in like Wid­get Log­ic to con­trol which wid­get appears on which page, then add numer­ous Text wid­gets, each with the code to dis­play a dif­fer­ent video. Each wid­get can then be set to dis­play in a dif­fer­ent con­text using Wid­get Log­ic’s controls.

  14. OMG I messed up. I was try­ing to cre­ate a cus­tom 404 page and changed the custom_functions.php page and now I can­not get back into it on the site!!!

    Please HELP!!



  15. Remove the code you added to the file. Replace it with an entire­ly blank file if you have to; there’s like­ly a syn­tax error in your code that you’ll need to track down before you’ll be able to use the code on your site.

    For fur­ther help, ask on the The­sis sup­port board. Thanks.

  16. Thank you Rick! I actu­al­ly did get into the ftp area and accessed the file; removed what I added and it is act­ing bet­ter. At least I am able to log back into the admin pane/dashboard, but I keep get­ting oth­er weird errors that I can only chalk up to this mis­take. I did save the orig­i­nal­ly cus­tomized php file with an exten­sion and will always have that now if needed. 

    I appre­ci­ate your time; thanks again.


  17. ich have suc­cess­ful­ly wid­getized the mul­ti­me­dia box. Thanks Rick!
    But if i put a wid­get like Killer Recent Entries in it, then this wid­get got no styling like the oth­er wid­gets in the sidebar.
    How can i set up the styling for this Mul­ti­me­dia Box Widget?

  18. Rick,
    Thanks! This is great. And I had just recent­ly dis­cov­ered Wid­get Log­ic which is fan­tas­tic. Is it pos­si­ble to move the MM Box to the the left side­bar pan­el ?(using 3 columns on a site) — or any oth­er place also? I’d love the flex­i­bil­i­ty of mov­ing the box.

  19. Yikes, Hi Rick this does­n’t seem to work for me.. :(

    The mul­ti­me­dia box looks good for the home­page, but when you click though to indi­vid­ual post pages, it shows the arti­cle image in its place of expect­ed video for some rea­son.. So it looks like its not pick­ing up the set­ting some­how.. Any idea where I can look? I want to use wid­get log­ic eventually..

  20. I think the arti­cle image takes prece­dent. Dis­able that on the indi­vid­ual arti­cles and you’ll prob­a­bly be fine. If that’s not the case, you’ll need to ask at The­sis sup­port. I’ve not used the theme for sev­er­al ver­sions now, so it may not be behav­ing like I was used to anymore.

  21. Box is up and run­ning just fine. I’m using an image wid­get. Is there a way to get some styling in there — font size, col­or, dif­fer­ent head­line font, padding between copy and image so I can move it to the left side of the wid­get? Thanks…

  22. You’d have to view the source of your page (or use Fire­bug to inspect it) so that you know exact­ly which elements/classes/IDs you want to tar­get, then you could eas­i­ly add what­ev­er styling you want to your cus­tom stylesheet tar­get­ing the afore­men­tioned elements/classes/IDs. Because there is a the­o­ret­i­cal infi­nite com­bi­na­tion of answers due to every set­up, every wid­get, and every cus­tomiza­tion being slight­ly dif­fer­ent, I can’t real­ly be more specific.

  23. I did this and when I went to Appear­ances and clicked on it I get this error message:

    Parse error: syn­tax error, unex­pect­ed $end in /home/potatot1/public_html/wp/wp-content/themes/thesis_181/thesis_181/custom/custom_functions.php on line 18

    I ran the script that I entered through an online php val­ida­tor and it said there were no syn­tax errors. Line 18 (if I’m count­ing cor­rect­ly) is just the clos­ing bracket.

  24. Now when I go back to the Man­age Themes page I’m get­ting this at the top of the page. Can’t seem to get rid of it. 

    Warn­ing: Can­not mod­i­fy head­er infor­ma­tion — head­ers already sent by (out­put start­ed at /home/potatot1/public_html/wp/wp-content/themes/thesis_181/thesis_181/custom/custom_functions.php:1) in /home/potatot1/public_html/wp/wp-includes/functions.php on line 861

    Warn­ing: Can­not mod­i­fy head­er infor­ma­tion — head­ers already sent by (out­put start­ed at /home/potatot1/public_html/wp/wp-content/themes/thesis_181/thesis_181/custom/custom_functions.php:1) in /home/potatot1/public_html/wp/wp-includes/functions.php on line 862

  25. The error mes­sage indi­cates that some­thing is being out­put to the brows­er by your cus­tom func­tions file, and it’s out­putting in the very first line of that file.

    Are you sure there is no extra space before the open­ing <php tag?

  26. Yes the open­ing tag is right up against the left side cor­ner. I put the cur­sor there to make sure there’s no space.

    The worst thing is even though I have delet­ed the code I added, I’m still get­ting the error messages.

    This same kind of thing hap­pened with anoth­er cus­tomiza­tion I tried to do. I end­ed up rein­stalling every­thing. Replac­ing the edit­ed php file with the orig­i­nal from the zip file did­n’t help.

    I feel so stuck! Was just get­ting start­ed with The­sis and can’t get anywhere.

  27. Rick, thanks so much for your email help!! I’m feel­ing a lot less dis­cour­aged now…:-)


  28. I’m glad you got every­thing up and run­ning again, tori. I’m also sur­prised my code above that you used still works. It’s over two years old!

  29. Hi Rick — thanks for the tip!

    I added the code suc­cess­ful­ly and now see the Mul­ti­me­dia box in my Wid­get area. Unfor­tu­nate­ly it does­n’t appear to work, though. I can add any wid­get to the box in Mul­ti­me­dia Box, save it, but noth­ing hap­pens to the page result. The­sis’ default images remain.

    I’m grate­ful for any help or guid­ance you can provide.

    Thanks, Scott

  30. Lol — oops, I missed a small, but very impor­tant step in the process — set­ting the cus­tom code option in the mul­ti­me­dia box set­tings. Works great. Thanks sir!

  31. Hel­lo
    I have a small ques­tion and be grate­ful if you could answer.

    I am using a head­er back­ground, but since I moved the MM box up, the back­ground stops where the mmbox starts. How to over­come this obstruc­tion? Any ideas? Thanks.

  32. If the site in ques­tion is the one your name is linked to, you can get a more attrac­tive result by adding this to your custom.css style sheet:

    #sidebars { margin-top: 1.3em; }
  33. Can’t get this to work.

    I get about a 20px high grey rec­tan­gle above the side­bars on the site but no Mul­ti­me­dia Box wid­get area on the wid­gets page — just the same old sidebars.

    The­sis 1.8.2 installed.


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