Who Are Eve’s Parents?

Mohamed Ghounem, a Muslim, wrote an article entitled “Who Were Eve’s Parents?” (Source) which attempts to show that the historicity of the Bible is flawed and that the Koran is superior.

Brethren, as you read my responses to his article, think about how you would reply if faced with similar objections or questions. Would you be able to reprove what is false while giving answer for your hope in the truth?

I have asked: “Eve was made from the rib of a Man, Jesus was made from a womb of a woman, which sounds more miraculous to you?”

Why stop there? Adam was made from the dust of the ground, from no previous humans. That seems to be the “more miraculous,” does it not?

Unfortunately, to say that “Jesus was made from a womb of a woman” is wrong. Indeed, Jesus was “made of a woman” (Galatians 4:4), and He was born of her. However, there are more than one miracle at work here.

First, a virgin conceived and bore a Son (Isaiah 7:14). Second, that He was made of a woman is fulfillment to the prophecy in Genesis 3:15; it had to be the woman’s seed which would bruise the Serpent. And third, and most importantly, the Lord Jesus Christ humbled Himself, taking on the form of a man, of a servant, and ultimately died the death of the Cross (Philippians 2:6-8).

So, which sounds more miraculous to me? 1) Eve being fashioned from Adam’s rib, or 2) Almighty God taking upon Himself the form of a man, humbling Himself to the point that not only could He die, but He did die.

We we really must compare miracles, I must go with #2. However, it must be pointed out that comparing the apparent miraculousness of a miracle is far from a useful determination of the importance of the miracle.

Secondly, “Who then is Eve’s second parent? you can suggest that she is from Adam, who then is her Mother? Aren’t all humans born with a mother and father?”

Where in the Bible is humanity defined as requiring two parents? Adam had only 1 parent by virtue of Creation–God. But Adam was begotten by no one. Eve had only 1 parent by virtue of Creation–God. But Eve was begotten by no one.

That Eve was made from the rib of Adam does not make Adam her father. Rather, Eve’s unique creation emphasizes the connection between husband and wife. They are the type for all future marriages, to be one flesh. That Eve was made of Adam could emphasize a wife’s submission to her husband, while emphasizing the husband’s role of protector, provider (he provided the rib, after all), and so on.

And while all humans are born with a mother and father, Eve is never said to have been born.

I’m unsure if the questions asked by Mr. Ghounem were part of a conversation or whether they were posted online and latere were responded to. The article doesn’t make that clear. However, it does include replies from an anonymous Christian:

A friendly Christian responded:

1. Adam’s rib was made into Eve, but Mary’s womb was not made into Jesus.

That is fine, except for the fact that Mary’s womb was barren and childless similar to Adam’s rib, childless and barren.

So they were both childless; what does that prove? Mary was at least capable of doing (contrary, perhaps, to Roman Catholic teachings); why was she childless? She was a virgin! They typically don’t have children, which is why Jesus’ conception is so fantastic.

Adam’s rib made Eve and Mary’s womb made Jesus. Christians claim that Allah is Jesus’s father, who then is Eve’s Mother? The womb and the rib were used as a tool by Allah to Create.

Christians do not claim that Allah did anything; Christians deny the existence of Allah. Regardless, Adam’s rib was made into Eve, and I doubt Mary lost her womb in the process of carrying and birthing Jesus. However, it is not improper to say that Mary is the mother of Jesus, or more accurately, she is the mother of the body which He was incarnate in. Jesus existed long before taking on humanity.

That Jesus, in His miraculous birth, has both a Father and a mother does not necessitate that Eve does. The reasoning simply does not follow. Eve possesses a parent/daughter relationship only with God. Adam was made from the dirt of the ground; does that make God his Father and the Earth his mother? The very notion of that is ridiculous and unfounded.


2. Yes, I agree that all humans are born with two parents, but don’t you see that neither Adam nor Eve were born.

Adam and Eve weren’t born?? Well you and I reading this is proof otherwise, bottom line, Eve was born from another human as Jesus was born from another human, Jesus was born with the help of Allah as Eve was born with the help of Allah, who then is Eve’s mother?

Why keep ignoring Adam? Why not claim that Adam must have a mother? And how is being created from a rib the same as being born? Generally, when born, humans are babies. Eve, though innocent when created, was not a baby; she and Adam began their lives together tending to the Garden of Eden per God’s command.

Allah has no gender, and does not beget.

Well, that’s because Allah does not exist; however, even he did, who was Adam’s mother? The Koran recounts that Allah created Adam from dirt (or sperm or blood, etc.). If God forming Eve out of a rib constitutes a birth, then Allah forming Adam would also. And if it was a birth, then Allah does have a son, and the Koran is a lie.

If Allah’s forming of Adam is not a birth, then neither is God’s forming of Eve from a rib.

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