Where Are the Peacemakers?

I real­ize that by acknowl­edg­ing and espe­cial­ly by writ­ing about this, i’m basi­cal­ly say­ing i should get off my ass for this… But i would be remiss if i did­n’t say what was on my mind.

As I write this, the Unit­ed States is involved in ten dis­tinct mil­i­tary con­flicts (although sev­er­al of those are part of the larg­er War on Terror).


Sev­er­al of those con­flicts are near­ly ten years old, and one of them began as recent­ly as five months ago.

I’m not up on cur­rent news — Net­flix does­n’t give me the news, nor do I take the paper — but it seems as though most peo­ple I know — includ­ing myself — have accept­ed these wars as sta­tus quo.

Hell, i had nev­er even heard of Oper­a­tion Odyssey Dawn, but it’s been under­way since March, nev­er mind the War on Ter­ror, which is twice as old as our kindergartener.

But where are the peace pro­test­ers? Where is the anti-war move­ment? Where are the Dr. King’s & Ghan­dis of this generation?

I know my cir­cle of influ­ence is small­ish, but i don’t recall war even being a top­ic of con­ver­sa­tion for at least a cou­ple of years now.

Have we learned to ignore it? Or have we been con­di­tioned to accept it as necessary?

As nor­mal?

I take back what I said about not recent­ly hear­ing any war con­ver­sa­tion; that’s not entire­ly true. I have heard folks con­demn the anti­war Wik­ileaks rather vehemently.

Our streets are not lined with pro­pa­gan­da posters, so how has this pre­dom­i­nate­ly Chris­t­ian nation so thor­ough­ly accept­ed the ongo­ing con­flicts with nary a whis­per of offense?

Peo­ple are dying, and we con­cern our­selves with homo­sex­u­al­i­ty, eco­nom­ics, abor­tion, the rights and lim­its of gov­ern­ment, and so forth.

Peo­ple. Are. Dying.

On the list of pri­or­i­ties, that seems like it should be right there at the top. End the wars. Now.

Con­sid­er this: By my esti­mate, the Unit­ed States has enjoyed only around twen­ty-one years of peace. Twen­ty-one.

Amer­i­ca has been at peace for less than ten per­cent of its history.

Maybe war & con­flict is sta­tus quo after all.

Blessed are the peacemakers…

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