When Water Is a Primary Component of Ammunition

The recent sup­pli­er short­ages on a vari­ety of ammu­ni­tion has many gun afi­ciona­dos a bit upset. Tar­get prac­tice, hunt­ing, and even self defense are a bit more dif­fi­cult when your on-hand ammu­ni­tion con­sists of your gun itself, which can be thrown at the target/beast/assailant. And sure it can be argued that one clip of ammu­ni­tion is more than enough self defense for the major­i­ty of the pop­u­lace’s day to day lives, a lit­tle more ammo could­n’t hurt. Espe­cial­ly this ammo:

Ammo, on Ice
Ammo, on Ice

If the tray folds closed… How exact­ly does one get the nice, round bul­lets shown in the image? Does one side have to be frozen first? I also fore­see these things melt­ing rather quick­ly due to their thin nature. I have a LEGO ice tray which holds rather small ice cubes, and they melt fair­ly rapid­ly in a drink.

Still, hand a guest a glass full of bul­let shaped ice cubes, and you’ve got your­self a con­ver­sa­tion starter. Get a cou­ple of good con­ver­sa­tions out of it, and that’d be worth the ~$10 price tag.






4 responses to “When Water Is a Primary Component of Ammunition”

  1. Rob Avatar

    Those are some crazy-look­ing bul­lets. Not sure they would do much more than break apart in the gun itself…

  2. Claude Avatar

    Homey, first a cor­rec­tion. Only thugs refer to mag­a­zines as clips…

    Despite the cur­rent short­ages if you’re patient enough you will find decent prices on ammu­ni­tion. Mid­way USA and The Armory are my favorite. Buy ammo if you can’t afford gold, it may come in handy on day…

  3. Rick Beckman Avatar

    I’ve not heard many peo­ple com­plain about the price of ammu­ni­tion, just its avail­abil­i­ty. And if that one-off com­ment made by Oba­ma in a time long for­got­ten about some sort of 500% tax on ammu­ni­tion turns out to be true… well, by gol­ly… uh… Not real­ly sure where I’m going with this… 

    There was a pic­ture of me on Face­book with my hat cocked to the side flash­ing some made up gang signs that my wife took of me when I appar­ent­ly was high on the caf­feine. I was going to end this com­ment with that.

    The pic seems to have con­ve­nient­ly disappeared.

    Oh, drat.

  4. Claude Avatar

    Let us know if you find that picture.

    Prices have gone up, too, espe­cial­ly for ammo used by the mil­i­tary like .223 cal.

    The exor­bi­tant ammo tax approach has been in the anti gun­ner’s play­book for a few decades and for­tu­nate­ly they haven’t had the sup­port for a fed­er­al man­date. I am not sure where this will go now that we’ve achieved one-par­ty rule nir­vana and the boy king just appoints czars at will. An option would be to reload your own, but I am sure the tax will affect raw mate­ri­als as much as the fin­ished product.

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Rick Beckman