When Water Is a Primary Component of Ammunition

The recent supplier shortages on a variety of ammunition has many gun aficionados a bit upset. Target practice, hunting, and even self defense are a bit more difficult when your on-hand ammunition consists of your gun itself, which can be thrown at the target/beast/assailant. And sure it can be argued that one clip of ammunition is more than enough self defense for the majority of the populace’s day to day lives, a little more ammo couldn’t hurt. Especially this ammo:

Ammo, on Ice
Ammo, on Ice

If the tray folds closed… How exactly does one get the nice, round bullets shown in the image? Does one side have to be frozen first? I also foresee these things melting rather quickly due to their thin nature. I have a LEGO ice tray which holds rather small ice cubes, and they melt fairly rapidly in a drink.

Still, hand a guest a glass full of bullet shaped ice cubes, and you’ve got yourself a conversation starter. Get a couple of good conversations out of it, and that’d be worth the ~$10 price tag.

4 thoughts on “When Water Is a Primary Component of Ammunition”

  1. Homey, first a correction. Only thugs refer to magazines as clips…

    Despite the current shortages if you’re patient enough you will find decent prices on ammunition. Midway USA and The Armory are my favorite. Buy ammo if you can’t afford gold, it may come in handy on day…

  2. I’ve not heard many people complain about the price of ammunition, just its availability. And if that one-off comment made by Obama in a time long forgotten about some sort of 500% tax on ammunition turns out to be true… well, by golly… uh… Not really sure where I’m going with this…

    There was a picture of me on Facebook with my hat cocked to the side flashing some made up gang signs that my wife took of me when I apparently was high on the caffeine. I was going to end this comment with that.

    The pic seems to have conveniently disappeared.

    Oh, drat.

  3. Let us know if you find that picture.

    Prices have gone up, too, especially for ammo used by the military like .223 cal.

    The exorbitant ammo tax approach has been in the anti gunner’s playbook for a few decades and fortunately they haven’t had the support for a federal mandate. I am not sure where this will go now that we’ve achieved one-party rule nirvana and the boy king just appoints czars at will. An option would be to reload your own, but I am sure the tax will affect raw materials as much as the finished product.

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