What’s the Deal with Global Warming?

Why is it that seemingly so many Christians dispute the validity of global warming? Does accepting global warming, it’s consequences, and our responsibility concerning it somehow invalidate a biblical teaching that I am unaware of?

I honestly get the impression that some people oppose it simply to be contrary to those on the political left.

I don’t know much about global warming, but it seems to me that if greenhouse gases can be linked to ozone depletion which can be linked to rising temperatures which can be linked to glacial melting and all sorts of other stuff…, well, why bother arguing with it?

Perhaps some Christians feel just fine, to use a buzzworthy expression, “raping the earth” because they don’t expect to be here in the next 10-20 years. The Blessed Hope, that of the glorious appearing of Christ and the catching away of His saints, rather than having an encouraging effect on believers, is now the excuse used to foster irresponsibility. I fully believe Christ could return whenever the Father says it is time. But I also recognize that it may be another 2,000 years. Our children, their children, their grandchildren, and so on are going to need this planet. They are still going to need natural resources, safe food, clean air, and so on.

I also find it quite ironic that the same camp who opposes a more “Green” lifestyle to help preserve this earth for future generations are typically the same people who oppose research into space colonization and other long-term human expeditions into “the final frontier.”

I love my conservative brothers and sisters in Christ, but it is outrageously selfish to have the attitude that we have no responsibility to take care of that which was entrusted to our care and dominion (the earth) by God Himself.

Thanks for reading. Oh, and did you know that your foot is about the same length as your forearm? Now that’s some vital information. :)

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