Welcome, KJV-Onlyists

I have noticed that when blogs are featured on such as Digg or Slashdot, it is commonplace for a post to be made, welcoming visitors from those sites, perhaps as a way to express appreciation for being featured but also to welcome all the new visitors wandering around aimlessly on your domain.

Timothy’s Burden likely has a snowball’s chance of ever being featured on such sites. I simply don’t blog about what they want to know about, which is fine.

However, I have been pleasantly surprised today, with the first King James Onlyists replying to the challenge I made to them about three months ago. Apparently, my good friend Ryan of The Bible Senders (a ministry which is King James Only, within which I serve as website designer/tech guy) came across the King James Only Challenge recently,:”(Which isn’t surprising; it’s linked to in my signature on The Fellowship Hall, of which Ryan is a prominent member.)”: posting a link to it on various King James Only message boards.

So to the users of KJBChurch.com, FundamentalPreaching.com, and Online Baptist,:”(Which I’m surprised at, as they are using unstable, and thus possibly insecure, beta software to power such a popular message board… I couldn’t count the number of times the phpBB Group has cautioned not to use phpBB 3 Beta in a live environment, even if I wanted to…)”: I say welcome to Timothy’s Burden! Make yourselves at home!

2 thoughts on “Welcome, KJV-Onlyists”

  1. :) Why do I sense a calm before the storm?

    Just so everyone is clear, I will not be participating heavily in the KJVO debate, because I am so ignorant of the topic. I might make a comment, but please do not try to engage me in long-winded arguments.

  2. Wow, it’s pretty busy for AOMinistries.

    Just a request, please be praying for Dr.White as he continues to fight this lost tomb of Jesus myth. Thanks! :)

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