’s Wondrously Compactable Dr. Pepper

I’m trying to cut down on caffeine (an endeavor i’ve tried & failed before). So far, I’m really liking Sierra Mist Natural, but I was curious about which other sodas were caffeine-free as well. A search for Dr. Pepper led me to, mostly out of surprise that food items were listed there.

The listing for Dr. Pepper Caffeine Free 12 packs contains this, which caught my eye:

Now, I confess I’m not up on the latest shipping technologies, but unless they have discovered Hammerspace, I question their ability to squeeze a 12-pack case of pop into a 1.861 cubic inch space, the weight of which is only 1.23 pounds.

Now, it’s just speculation on my part, but I’d say somebody at really likes the number 1.23.

Silly… pointless… But there you go.

Disclaimer: I work at a brick-and-mortar Walmart.

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