Visitin’ Baptist Temple

After a brief email con­ver­sa­tion with Pas­tor Collins, I vis­it­ed Con­nersville Bap­tist Tem­ple. More than any­thing else, it was­n’t what I was used to. And yet, I loved it, and I hope that my enthu­si­asm remains after vis­it­ing a few more times. 

Doc­tri­nal­ly, the church is fun­da­men­tal Bap­tist: They believe the Bible is the ple­nary, ver­bal­ly inspired Word of God and that it is infal­li­ble, inerrant, and author­i­ta­tive. They’re dis­pen­sa­tion­al pre­mil­len­ni­al­ists. Etc., etc. Pas­tor Collins had a doc­tri­nal state­ment ready to hand me as soon as he met me, as I had request­ed one. And I’m right there with them as far as that goes.

The church itself is beau­ti­ful; I’ve always admired the out­side appear­ance, but the inside does­n’t dis­ap­point. Tech­nol­o­gy such as pro­jec­tors, Pow­er­Point, and stu­dio light­ing are uti­lized, which is cool with me. To deny the use of them would, tech­ni­cal­ly, deny the use of auto­mo­biles to get to the church in the first place. At least, that’s how I see it.

The music and dress is a bit more con­tem­po­rary than what I’m used to in a church set­ting; how­ev­er, it is well with my soul for that is my life out­side of church as well. Fur­ther, there is no Bib­li­cal man­date demand­ing the tra­di­tion­al styles (which at one point were “con­tem­po­rary” and unac­cept­able them­selves) be used.

An invi­ta­tion has been extend­ed to Ali­cia and me to attend the home­builder’s class, a Sun­day school class for new­ly­weds. I look for­ward to check­ing that out, pro­vid­ed I’m still there at the end of Sep­tem­ber. I’ve been invit­ed to join, if the Lord’s willing.

Pas­tor Collins seems like a great guy–even if he does­n’t shop Wal-mart–and I enjoyed talk­ing with him after the ser­vice. Per­haps the coolest part of all this is that he brought up that he’s been wait­ing for the Lord to send some­one to the church with web­site design/maintenance tal­ents so that he could be hired to do the church web­site.. He brought this up to me after view­ing Beck­man Min­istries. Muy intere­sante. Ulti­mate­ly, it will be the atti­tudes of the church mem­bers, con­tent of the ser­mons (the ser­mon tonight was won­der­ful­ly Christ-cen­tric), and spir­it of the ser­vices which deter­mine whether I stay or not. If I do, the chance at my first pro­fes­sion­al (i.e., for pay) web­site work is sug­ar-rich icing on an already allur­ing cake.

I don’t make a ton of mon­ey at Wal-mart, and the sup­ple­men­tal income this could yield could be the answer to prayers not yet prayed.

A look at their cur­rent site tells me that I could recre­ate it (and improve upon it) quite eas­i­ly using Word­Press. They are using some sort of blog­ging soft­ware now, and the tem­plate looks like it was designed using Dreamweaver, if I’m rec­og­niz­ing the com­ments in the XHTML source cor­rect­ly. I’ve no doubt I could recre­ate their site using per­haps even the same lay­out while at the same time cre­at­ing seman­tic markup which would increase acces­si­bil­i­ty. It would be a fun project, and I hope I get the chance at it.

Ali­cia will most like­ly be vis­it­ing Bap­tist Tem­ple with me this Sun­day, and we’ll cer­tain­ly have a lot to talk about afterwards.

Pray for us!

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Rick Beckman