Up & Running with Ubuntu

Whoa, I can’t believe I final­ly got it working.

I’d like to say I’m enjoy­ing Ubun­tu 7.10 — the cur­rent ver­sion of the oper­at­ing sys­tem. I’d like to, but I’m not. Actu­al­ly, right now I’m on 6.10.

Ubun­tu 7.10 would not install. Upon boot­ing from the live CD, I’d receive this error every time:

The dis­play ser­vice has been shut down about 6 times in the last 90 sec­onds. It is like­ly that some­thing bad is going on. Wait­ing for 2 min­utes before try­ing again on dis­play :0.

What­ev­er that means.

So, on a whim, I decid­ed to try out an old­er ver­sion. After all, I know for a fact that Ben had Ubun­tu 6.10 installed on a Dell Dimen­sion E520 — the same com­put­er I have. Some hard­ware may have been dif­fer­ent, but the basics were the same.

Won­der of won­ders, 6.10 did install. And I’m very thank­ful Ben did the leg­work for me in fig­ur­ing out those “freakin’ dri­vers” for the ATI video card Dell sticks in these E520s. After fol­low­ing Ben’s instruc­tions, all is well. :)

Now I just need to run through all the upgrades up to 7.10 and famil­iar­ize myself with what is essen­tial­ly a brand new world for me.

2 thoughts on “Up & Running with Ubuntu”

  1. How odd o_O I won­der why Gut­sy would­n’t install. I’d def­i­nite­ly post this in the forums. I’m glad my ‘leg­work’ helped though. Makes me feel real good ^_^

  2. Ben, Gut­sy is installed & work­ing now. I tried your instruc­tions for Com­piz Fusion too (here; after installing xserv­er-xgl, how­ev­er, I could no use my desk­top; after log­ging in, the top & bot­tom menubars showed up, but noth­ing pop­u­lat­ed them and all I could do was move the mouse, so I had to reboot into Recov­ery Mode & unin­stall that pack­age. Very weird. I’m not too wor­ried about that at the moment, though.

    Right now, I’m try­ing to get Sam­ba to play nice­ly with the shared files on my wife’s com­put­er — which just so hap­pens to be where all my back­ups are resid­ing. :P

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