“Under God” Undermined

It seems pret­ty well pub­li­cized that the recita­tion of the Pledge of Alle­giance to the Flag of the Unit­ed States of Amer­i­ca with­in pub­lic schools has been found to be uncon­sti­tu­tion­al by a Cal­i­for­nia judge. 

It also seems pret­ty well pub­li­cized that many Chris­tians are upset or even in uproar about this.

So can I add my two cents?: So what?

Since when has this ever been a nation “under God”?

Con­sti­tu­tion­al­ly, it is by the peo­ple, of the peo­ple, and for the people.

Bib­li­cal­ly, it is ruled by Satan, the prince of the pow­er of the air.

Praise the Lord that the holy name of God will be less asso­ci­at­ed with such a nation! Victory!

Amer­i­can Chris­tians (which is an oxy­moron in my per­son­al view) should stop deal­ing in nation­al details and start con­cern­ing them­selves with the things of the Lord–the mat­ters of the Church, of Christ, and of charity.

The Pledge of Alle­giance, when said by a Chris­t­ian, ties that Chris­t­ian into obe­di­ence to a nation that their God declared with ruled by Satan, just as all the oth­er nations. It could be said, then, that to pledge alle­giance to Amer­i­ca is to pledge alle­giance to Satan.

If Amer­i­ca were to ban Bible preach­ing, those who pledged alle­giance would be oblig­at­ed by their vow to obey lest they be made a liar. Even Scrip­ture says it is bet­ter not to take an oath.

For myself, I pledge alle­giance to Jesus Christ. No insti­tu­tion of this world — Amer­i­ca, Wal-mart, the gov­ern­ments of any nation, or even my own fam­i­ly — ought to be able to come in the way of my com­mit­ment to Jesus.

It is noth­ing short of amaz­ing to me that Amer­i­can Chris­tians get so loud about nation­al mat­ters but qui­et up quick­ly when giv­en oppor­tu­ni­ties to bold­ly pro­claim the Gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord.






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Rick Beckman