God’s Plan for the Two Genders

Some­how, I’ve nev­er real­ly noticed this verse before, though per­haps due to its con­tent, it is ignored nowadays.

That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their hus­bands, to love their chil­dren, 5To be dis­creet, chaste, keep­ers at home, good, obe­di­ent to their own hus­bands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.

Titus 2:4–5, King James Version

The world today teach­ers women to not be dis­creet, to not be chaste, to chase a career rather than keep a home, to be far from good, and to be “equal” or even above their hus­bands. God says that any of these things are blas­phe­my against him.

I would very much like to write a long rant based upon that verse, but it says what needs to be said about as clear­ly as pos­si­ble. Women, if you think your­selves a career woman to the neglect of your home, if you wear clothes that show off your fig­ure or act in a way as to attract atten­tion from men, if you dis­obey or try to usurp author­i­ty over your hus­band, you are blas­phem­ing Almighty God and will one day have to give account to him.

It is very inter­est­ing that in this pas­sage the Lord gives com­mands to four dif­fer­ent groups of peo­ple — (aged men (v. 2), young men (v. 6), aged women (v. 3), and young women (v. 4–5) — and that these com­mands dif­fer. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, it may come as a shock to some peo­ple but the rea­son why men and women are giv­en dif­fer­ent com­mands is because God has dif­fer­ent roles for them. Gen­ders are not equal. God has dif­fer­ent roles for dif­fer­ent age groups as well. Dis­crim­i­na­to­ry? Absolute­ly! God always has been (i.e., choos­ing the Jews over the Gen­tiles, the Levites over the oth­er tribes, the line of Aaron over the oth­er Levites, etc.), and it is entire­ly his prerogative.

Young women are com­mand­ed to be keep­ers of the home and bear­ers of chil­dren. Let the lib­er­a­tors gasp and curse, but the cre­ator does not change to suit the whims of the cre­at­ed. And while young women in the church today are try­ing to break all kinds of bib­li­cal man­date by becom­ing teach­ers or preach­ers in church, God com­mands them to be silent. Aged women are, how­ev­er, com­mand­ed to teach the young women, though nev­er in church (in which silence is mandated).

Any­way, God gives com­mands suit­able to the sit­u­a­tion: for some rea­son, women left to them­selves at home are apt to gos­sip with oth­er house­wives. This has been true through­out the ages and has been made the object of much com­e­dy (I Love Lucy comes to mind, in which at least one entire episode was ded­i­cat­ed to Lucy’s gos­sip­ping). But God com­mands women not to gos­sip or be rumormongers.

I don’t expect these ideas to be well accept­ed (Bible truths rarely ever are), so I’ll sim­ply fin­ish with this. If a per­son is sin­cere in their Bible stud­ies, I encour­age them to take the time to search the scrip­tures to see whether these things are so. See that God rec­og­nizes a grand dif­fer­ence between man and woman, young and old. Read the dif­fer­ent com­mands, learn the dif­fer­ent roles and needs. You will nev­er be tru­ly con­tent, tru­ly hap­py, or receive the bless­ing of God if you are try­ing to fit into a role God has not giv­en you or if you are not obey­ing the com­mands giv­en to your sex and age.

To the unbe­liev­er, these things are van­i­ty; to the believ­er, they are Bible. To dis­agree with them is noth­ing but blas­phe­my against his holy name.

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Rick Beckman