Timothy’s Burden δ

I have decided not to stick with Cutline. It is a fantastic theme, but it didn’t really stand out from the crowd. When I browse to my own website and it seems bland, that’s a problem. I have decided to go with (Not So) Fresh, and am so far very pleased. This is the fourth major design change for Timothy’s Burden, and so I’m calling this revision δ, or delta for those unfamiliar with Greek letters.

The style switch should be considered somewhat “live,” as over the next week or so I’ll be customizing and tweaking it to my liking. I also want to (re-)start tagging my posts to give users yet another avenue of browsing my content. Lots to do, but it will be fun. Let me know if anything about the new style specifically needs worked on or if something just plain doesn’t work correctly or as expected. The style is important to me, but ultimately it is for you. I mostly browse the backend, so the frontend design is ultimately for your aesthetic benefit. Feel free to drop some suggestions.

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