The Story of Satan, or Why I Voted for McCain

My friend & fellow blogger Kristarella was visiting here recently, and the particular ad which was served on the post she was reading struck her as humorous.

I think you’ll agree (I do!):

If you can’t see the image, it is a screenshot from Why I Voted for McCain, an earlier post of mine, and the “contextual” ad served by Google is an eye-grabbing, illustrated ad for “The Story of Satan.”

I imagine my American Democrat readers will especially find this entertaining. :D

10 thoughts on “The Story of Satan, or Why I Voted for McCain”

  1. Wow, okay… so it’s a numbers game. For the record, I dislike Obama. You are something else. You need to learn how to carry on a discussion without closing off the comment sections of your site; but I understand, this is your site and you can do what you wish. bro, whenever you disagree with others, you block them and you block comments… is this a reflection of how you handle issues in the real world? Oh, by the way, the comment in this thread have nothing to with the post because you keep closing the comment sections on other posts. Anyhow, remember. No hard feelings. ;) Keep up the excellent work at the thesis forums.

  2. Your concerns are noted. As I said in another comment, I don’t have time to babysit this site anymore to make sure that those who would teach anti-biblical things aren’t getting a free and unchecked pulpit in my comments section.

    Under different conditions, I typically don’t lock threads.

  3. Are you serious!! You people need some help. You people who are using my savior to hide behind your hate for anything that isn’t as white as you. God Bless my New Black presdient.

  4. Rick

    I understand… Yeah, I’m with you on the race card being played- not cool. The voices also say if you don’t support everything the Bush admin pushes, you’re anti-American and so on. Simply not true, there’s plenty about the government policies I don’t understand, like and disagree with. We must learn to be critical thinkers and learn to really evaluate various ideas and practices and so forth. :) All the best and Happy New Year!

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