The Stage Is Set?

America. Canada. Great Britain. North Korea. Iran. Iraq. Lebanon. Israel. India. Somalia. Russia.

In some way or another, violent (or potentially violent) conflict.

I’m not trying to be a date setter. But I do know that if the Tribulation Week (or, 7 years) is to begin when the Beast confirms the covenant of peace with Israel, then it would seem that a time of war would precede it, to provide something to have peace from.

On the brink of World War III, or perhaps right in the middle of it, a charismatic man steps into the scene and sets it all “right.”

And I simply look for the blessed hope of the glorious returning of Christ the Lord. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. I hope you’re able to look forward to the same, in hope and faith!

(It’s that thought which should get us through times like these. And it is a thought that no amount of government defense or whatever can provide.)

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