The Similarities of Prayer and Preaching

Prayer and preaching have more in common than I’ve thought in the past.

In preaching, we declare the Word of God, which (we hope) leads to the conversion of the elect. From our point of view, the preaching has a causal relationship to the conversion; we preach, they believe. From God’s point of view, while He has decreed that preaching shall come first, ultimately it is He who converts, and that according to His own timing.

Praying Teen

In prayer, we declare our worries, our desires, and our sins to God. From our point of view, it appears as though fervent prayer does avail much. From God’s point of view, our prayers serve to align our wants, concerns, and repentance with His will. Prayer does not change God, but it does change us. I believe this is why in the model prayer, Jesus taught us to pray, “Your will be done.”

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