The Sermon on the Mount and Election Day

If every professed Christian in America took to heart Jesus’ words in Matthew 5 concerning not worrying about material matters, how would the outcome of election day be affected?

What does this tell us about the state of the Church? Are we as the Body & Bride of Christ too concerned over money and material things?

On Tuesday, may we seek first the Kingdom of God. Only when the sovereignty of God over the affairs of man is at the forefront of our minds will we be able to vote with confidence that no matter what the result, the will of God is occurring.

1 thought on “The Sermon on the Mount and Election Day”

  1. I just spoke last night to a group of people here in Mexico about seeking God’s will in the elections. The Mexicans cant vote, but they are very concerned about the elections.
    It’s amazing how many people believe everything they hear in the media. The economy even takes priority over moral issues here in Latin America.
    I’m with you,
    Let’s promote the Kingdom of God, not material things. Lets pray for His will to be done instead of worrying about our pocketbooks.

    Thanks for the simple but relevant article!

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