The Road to Heaven Is Temporarily Tattooed

If you can’t win them with the Gospel, when them with temporary tattoos. Only 50ยข!

It is notable to me that this particular church is stamping its approval so publicly on tattooing, given their strong legalistic tendencies which at one point I was very much party to. The message I’m coming away with is that winning people to Christ through the attraction of temporary tattoos, but every Bible version aside from the King James Version is garbage.

Note: I’m not saying tattoos are wrong because I do not believe the Scriptures teach that; I do, however, think that it is wrong to combine the Gospel message with trite merchandise.

I took the picture a couple of weeks ago at the Fayette County Free Fair, and I hereby release it into the public domain. Feel free to use it (though a link back here would be appreciated).

3 thoughts on “The Road to Heaven Is Temporarily Tattooed”

  1. And you could draw even more people with a “temporary piercings” booth, too! But seriously, it all just seems kind of silly–I can think of a number of ways to get people’s attention and without such “merchandising”.

    Keith Green used to call the merchandising of the Gospel “Jesus Junk”. He was possibly a bit too harsh at times in his early Christian years (as Randy Stonehill noted), but I do miss his passion and straightforwardness when it came to the Gospel.

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