The OUT Campaign

Ever since I was brought to Christ by the Father a few years ago, I’ve heard complaints about Christian evangelism from atheists — how it’s an invasion and how our beliefs ought to be personal and blah blah blah blah blah. Just today, as a matter of fact, I received a newsletter from some conservative group I used to be a part of which was sounding the alarm that the American Civil Liberties Union was actively pursuing being able to have Christian evangelists jailed. But as is the hypocrisy of those who actively disbelieve in God, evangelism is just fine for them. Exhibit A: The OUT Campaign. And as if Christian bookstore t-shirts weren’t ridiculous enough, this campaign has their own OUT-wear, proudly showing their support for one of three things: Alvin the Chipmunk, adultery, or atheism. Remember kids: Speaking out for what you believe is bad, unless you’re not a Christian, in which case, go nuts.

1 thought on “The OUT Campaign”

  1. hmm I see what you mean about the t-shirts… definitely abit on the annoying side.. like those preachers on street corners (cant they be arrested or something)

    however, i can understand why american atheists feel the need to form a coherent sub culture given that they are such a small minority.

    having said that.. there are way more atheists in america than jews but the jewish lobby is way more influential than the atheist lobby (which is practically invisible)

    still… what i would like to see is people getting on with their own beliefs and leaving others to theirs and i cant see how daft t-shirts can help that process.

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