The Obamessiah has Obamevangelists

Godless liberals speak at length on the evils of evangelism, of going door to door and butting into people’s business with the most important news that they could ever hear.

But going door to door to support the Obamessiah? Turns out that’s a-okey-dokey.


And if you claim that this is different than evangelism, watch the video again. Christians share their testimony; the Obamadolts share their personal stories. Christians share the significance of the Scriptures; Obamadolts explain the significance of their pledge. Christians want you to believe in the one who has diedfor the salvation of all who believe; the Obamadolts want you to pledge allegiance… not to America… but to Barack Obama.

Nope, nothing unusual about that.

9 thoughts on “The Obamessiah has Obamevangelists”

  1. I live in just about the most liberal place on the planet. I’ve never me anyone here with anything close to the kind of devotion that would lead them to going door to door. Has anyone come to your door like this since the election? If they came to mine, I’d give them as much an earful as I would the evangelists.

    I think you overestimate the fanaticism of his average supporter. The strongest supporters I’ve met have high hopes that he can undo some of the mess dropped on us in the last eight years. Currently, the consensus among them is mild disappointment at the waste of money and lack of progress.

    I’m not sure I understand the Obamessiah thing. Are you trying to taunt him for having too many supporters? Does that help? Stick to the issues. I haven’t had a knock on the door, but the weekend isn’t over yet. I’ll get back to you if I do. In fact, I’ll videotape it.

    1. “Obamessiah” has less to do with the number of his fans and more to do with the message of his campaign: “Hope! Change!” and basically salvation for the American nation (salvation that is coming in the form of negligent spending, crazy foreign relations gaffs, and making comments in poor taste regarding the Special Olympics). He or his party or campaign workers or all of the above set him up to be an agent of wonderful change in a nation supposedly desperate for it (it’s desperate for change, but change that men like Ron Paul talk about, not the O’s idea of it).

      1. Did you hear about the latest gaffe? He wrote a letter to “president” Jack Chirac hoping to work with him during the next four years… Of course, none of the open-minded liberals who voted for him would hear this because (1) it’s not reported by the media they watch and (2) they couldn’t believe such a smart man could be so dumb.

    1. Sorry, last post came into the wrong window, feel free to delete.
      In context, we have number blurs in the mainstream media. Until people begin to understand the difference between a million and a trillion, they won’t have enough of a sense of the scale of the government bailouts to be properly outraged at how much of their money has gone to bail out insurance companies.

  2. Never thought about it like that. I think this is the ‘us and them’ problem that we have all over the world. What WE do is normal. What THEY do is strange. They should not be allowed to {fill in} because it’s weird. We should be allowed to {fill in with something similar, yet different} because it is our {fill in with choice of support, bible, constitution, aliens spoke to me} right.

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