The Obamessiah has Obamevangelists

Godless lib­er­als speak at length on the evils of evan­ge­lism, of going door to door and butting into peo­ple’s busi­ness with the most impor­tant news that they could ever hear.

But going door to door to sup­port the Obames­si­ah? Turns out that’s a‑okey-dokey.


And if you claim that this is dif­fer­ent than evan­ge­lism, watch the video again. Chris­tians share their tes­ti­mo­ny; the Oba­madolts share their per­son­al sto­ries. Chris­tians share the sig­nif­i­cance of the Scrip­tures; Oba­madolts explain the sig­nif­i­cance of their pledge. Chris­tians want you to believe in the one who has died­for the sal­va­tion of all who believe; the Oba­madolts want you to pledge alle­giance… not to Amer­i­ca… but to Barack Oba­ma.

Nope, noth­ing unusu­al about that.






9 responses to “The Obamessiah has Obamevangelists”

  1. Steel Phoenix Avatar

    I live in just about the most lib­er­al place on the plan­et. I’ve nev­er me any­one here with any­thing close to the kind of devo­tion that would lead them to going door to door. Has any­one come to your door like this since the elec­tion? If they came to mine, I’d give them as much an ear­ful as I would the evangelists. 

    I think you over­es­ti­mate the fanati­cism of his aver­age sup­port­er. The strongest sup­port­ers I’ve met have high hopes that he can undo some of the mess dropped on us in the last eight years. Cur­rent­ly, the con­sen­sus among them is mild dis­ap­point­ment at the waste of mon­ey and lack of progress.

    I’m not sure I under­stand the Obames­si­ah thing. Are you try­ing to taunt him for hav­ing too many sup­port­ers? Does that help? Stick to the issues. I haven’t had a knock on the door, but the week­end isn’t over yet. I’ll get back to you if I do. In fact, I’ll video­tape it.

    1. Rick Beckman Avatar

      “Obames­si­ah” has less to do with the num­ber of his fans and more to do with the mes­sage of his cam­paign: “Hope! Change!” and basi­cal­ly sal­va­tion for the Amer­i­can nation (sal­va­tion that is com­ing in the form of neg­li­gent spend­ing, crazy for­eign rela­tions gaffs, and mak­ing com­ments in poor taste regard­ing the Spe­cial Olympics). He or his par­ty or cam­paign work­ers or all of the above set him up to be an agent of won­der­ful change in a nation sup­pos­ed­ly des­per­ate for it (it’s des­per­ate for change, but change that men like Ron Paul talk about, not the O’s idea of it).

      1. Claude Avatar

        Did you hear about the lat­est gaffe? He wrote a let­ter to “pres­i­dent” Jack Chirac hop­ing to work with him dur­ing the next four years… Of course, none of the open-mind­ed lib­er­als who vot­ed for him would hear this because (1) it’s not report­ed by the media they watch and (2) they could­n’t believe such a smart man could be so dumb.

  2. lukemcgook Avatar


    The DNC cer­tain­ly seems to be rely­ing on a cer­tain lev­el of fanati­cism. Per­haps they’re over­es­ti­mat­ing, though.

  3. Steel Phoenix Avatar

    I won­der about putting in lit­tle quizzes. Things like how many Mars rovers could the AIG bailout have put on Mars?

    1. Steel Phoenix Avatar

      Sor­ry, last post came into the wrong win­dow, feel free to delete.
      In con­text, we have num­ber blurs in the main­stream media. Until peo­ple begin to under­stand the dif­fer­ence between a mil­lion and a tril­lion, they won’t have enough of a sense of the scale of the gov­ern­ment bailouts to be prop­er­ly out­raged at how much of their mon­ey has gone to bail out insur­ance companies.

      1. lukemcgook Avatar

        Remind me whom we’re sup­posed to direct our out­rage at.

  4. Richard McLaughlin Avatar

    Nev­er thought about it like that. I think this is the ‘us and them’ prob­lem that we have all over the world. What WE do is nor­mal. What THEY do is strange. They should not be allowed to {fill in} because it’s weird. We should be allowed to {fill in with some­thing sim­i­lar, yet dif­fer­ent} because it is our {fill in with choice of sup­port, bible, con­sti­tu­tion, aliens spoke to me} right.

    1. Claude Avatar

      Uh… Non sequitur?

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