The Jesus Tree?

Christians are flocking in Bosnia to a tree which is now home to, as some describe it, a “freak of nature”–a supposed image of Jesus which appeared in the markings left from when a branch was cut off.

1) Not only are such “natural icons” never found in Scripture, we are also never told what the Christ looked like. For all we know, the image in the tree more closely resembles a rapist or murderous king of the past. That possibility alone ought to preclude its association with the image of Jesus.

2) Scripture does plainly say that nature bears witness of the Godhead (Romans 1). It seems odd to me that so many will openly and strongly bow down before random images on trees and grilled cheese, yet by and large are silent when faced with the beauty of a sunset, rolling hills, the night sky, or the myriad of life on Earth.

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