The Futility of Apologetics Ministry to the Lost?

I had planned to write a brief post basi­cal­ly throw­ing the idea out there that Chris­t­ian apolo­get­ics as a means to reach the lost is basi­cal­ly a waste of time. What good is explain­ing a six-days Cre­ation to an unbe­liev­er? Will believ­ing Cre­ation help their soul? No, not by a long shot. Will believ­ing in the glob­al flood, exo­dus from Egypt, heal­ing of the blind, and so on save the souls of the lost?


But mil­lions of dol­lars are invest­ed into min­istries that attempt to do just that: reach the lost with the news of Cre­ation, rather than the good news of the res­ur­rec­tion of Christ and the for­give­ness of sins.

Teach­ing Cre­ation to a lost and dying world makes about as much sense as attempt­ing to teach evo­lu­tion to Chris­tians. The first group’s eyes are blind­ed to God’s Words; the lat­ter group’s eyes are opened to them.

Like I said, I was going to write some­thing along those lines, but one of those Pyro­ma­ni­ac guys beat me to the punch. So go read it: The Wrong Mir­a­cles.

1 thought on “The Futility of Apologetics Ministry to the Lost?”

  1. I believe there’s a place for it among Chris­tians and non-Chris­tians. If there is a ques­tion it should be answered, for we do not know in what way God will lead that per­son to Christ, and it should def­i­nite­ly be there for Chris­tians to help them build up their faith and to help them answer peo­ple who may be ask­ing them ques­tions. If any­thing there should be more Apolo­get­ics done with the goal being to glo­ri­fy God in it.

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