The Folkography

Shawn Antho­ny’s brain­child, the Folkog­ra­phy (or Deep Feed) aggre­ga­tor, has been hand­ed off to me. I believe in Shawn’s idea for the project, and when I found out that it is pos­si­ble that it could have closed down, I was shocked.

The idea behind the Folkog­ra­phy [Deep Feed] Project is sim­ple: to aggre­gate in one place con­tent from ortho­dox, evan­gel­i­cal Chris­t­ian blogs. Many blog­ging com­mu­ni­ties exist, so this project isn’t fill­ing any holes in that area.

How­ev­er, if you are a Chris­t­ian who sim­ply wants to read con­tent from fel­low evan­gel­i­cal Chris­tians, where can you go? There may be solu­tions, but none that are so large as to make new attempts useless.

Like­wise, if you are a Chris­t­ian blog­ger want­i­ng to reach a Chris­t­ian audi­ence, the Deep Feed allows you to do that. (Places like Digg don’t even have a cat­e­go­ry for reli­gious content!)

Check out Folkog­ra­phy, and feel free to voice your opin­ions here. What would you like to see? What would make the project even more worthwhile?

Are you a Chris­t­ian blog­ger? Inter­est­ed in being includ­ed in the Deep Feed? Get in touch and I’ll see what I can do for you! [email protected]

Thanks for start­ing this project, Shawn!

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