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Shawn Anthony‘s brainchild, the Folkography (or Deep Feed) aggregator, has been handed off to me. I believe in Shawn’s idea for the project, and when I found out that it is possible that it could have closed down, I was shocked.

The idea behind the Folkography [Deep Feed] Project is simple: to aggregate in one place content from orthodox, evangelical Christian blogs. Many blogging communities exist, so this project isn’t filling any holes in that area.

However, if you are a Christian who simply wants to read content from fellow evangelical Christians, where can you go? There may be solutions, but none that are so large as to make new attempts useless.

Likewise, if you are a Christian blogger wanting to reach a Christian audience, the Deep Feed allows you to do that. (Places like Digg don’t even have a category for religious content!)

Check out Folkography, and feel free to voice your opinions here. What would you like to see? What would make the project even more worthwhile?

Are you a Christian blogger? Interested in being included in the Deep Feed? Get in touch and I’ll see what I can do for you!

Thanks for starting this project, Shawn!

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