The Difference between Obama Critics and Obama Defenders

I am so ask­ing for it by post­ing this, but I can’t just pass up shar­ing this obser­va­tion. If you browse the com­ments of “Phan­tom Birth Cer­tifi­cate,” you may notice an inter­est­ing trend.

Oba­ma crit­ics cite sources, exam­ine evi­dence, and are gen­er­al­ly cour­te­ous to others.

Oba­ma defend­ers, on the oth­er hand, par­rot lies, run away when proven wrong, and dis­par­age char­ac­ter via ad hominem or sim­ple insult. Those who would berate me and claim that I’m com­mit­ting cred­i­bil­i­ty sui­cide have done lit­tle to sup­port that claim, nor have they done much to build up much cred­i­bil­i­ty for themselves.

The main­stream media would have me to believe that the sit­u­a­tion should be the oth­er way around; crit­ics of Oba­ma are sup­posed to be the hate­ful and ill-informed. Big Media gets it wrong again. Big surprise.

I’m post­ing this to ask the sim­ple ques­tion: What is it about post­ing a, if valid, very seri­ous crit­i­cism of Barack Oba­ma’s pres­i­den­cy that makes Obamapol­o­gists bear their teeth and lose all signs of ratio­nal thought?

And is it the same irra­tional­i­ty that would lead them to elect such a despi­ca­ble, oba­man­able man to the high­est office in the land?

Thanks for read­ing, and thanks to the Intel­lec­tu­al Red­neck, lukem­c­gook, Dave C, and Scott for bring­ing their patience and insights into the com­ments thread in ques­tion. (Oh, who am I kid­ding: Thanks to every­one who com­ment­ed; I enjoy all of your com­ments, no mat­ter who you are or what view you bring to the table… Unless that view is of sell­ing via­gra; straight to the spam bin for you!)

And now an exer­cise in fol­low­ing direc­tions: Please don’t use the com­ments form on this post to dis­cuss the issues raised in “The Phan­tom Birth Cer­tifi­cate”; this is a sep­a­rate post for a rea­son. Orga­ni­za­tion FTW.

20 thoughts on “The Difference between Obama Critics and Obama Defenders”

  1. Hon­est ques­tion: why do you find Oba­ma “despi­ca­ble”? I am also a Chris­t­ian, and have friends that can­not find it in them­selves to sup­port Oba­ma, based entire­ly on his abor­tion pol­i­cy — I can under­stand that. But for you, is this the sole issue, or does it go far­ther than that? If so, please explain.

    Note: I am not “bait­ing” for a flame war. I actu­al­ly like your site. I’m not polit­i­cal­ly moti­vat­ed — my “offi­cial” stand (from an online web test FWIW) is that I am smack-dab in the mid­dle between left and right regard­ing pol­i­tics (so I guess I am always correct ;-). 

    I just want to under­stand your thoughts.

    1. His abor­tion pol­i­cy has a lot to do with it. Regard­ing it, I have to agree with Alan Keyes who described Oba­ma as “abom­inable.” His sup­port for not only abor­tion but also par­tial birth abor­tions is barbaric.

      Oth­er aspects of his char­ac­ter col­or my opin­ion as well, such as his sup­port for homo­sex­u­al­i­ty. The Scrip­tures teach that not only are sin­ners guilty, but also those who teach oth­ers to do the same. By advo­cat­ing for so-called alter­na­tive lifestyles while at the same time call­ing him­self a Chris­t­ian, he makes a mock­ery of Christ, tak­ing His name in vain.

      The bot­tom line is Oba­ma knows bet­ter — or per­haps he does­n’t… depends on whether the church he was loy­al to for decades ever actu­al­ly taught the Bible or if it just stuck to Africa-cen­tric teach­ings (no, I’m not being racist here; when I first learned who Oba­ma was, I vis­it­ed his church’s web­site out of curios­i­ty only to find a state­ment of faith which men­tioned all sorts of pro-Africa doc­trines and only one bib­li­cal doc­trine. Such does not a Chris­t­ian church make.)

      If you have fol­low-up ques­tions, feel free to post them. You did­n’t come off as a troll at all, and I appre­ci­ate your courtesy!

    1. When it’s as easy as click­ing a thumbs up but­ton? Heck yeah, I stum­bled myself. :D

      If you don’t like it, feel free to give the page a thumbs down, or join in the con­ver­sa­tion. That’d be cool too!

  2. Thesis Customer

    1. “Oba­ma crit­ics cite sources, exam­ine evi­dence, and are gen­er­al­ly cour­te­ous to others…”

    What are you smok­ing. Lis­ten to the talk radio cir­cuit for 14 min­utes or Fox News. Cur­te­ous? Yah, right.

    2. “Those who would berate me and claim that I’m com­mit­ting cred­i­bil­i­ty suicide.…”

    Use the past tense not the present tense. You have ALREADY com­mit­ted cred­i­bil­i­ty suicide.

    3. “Thanks for reading.……”

    FYI, this is a trade­mark sign-off in the con­ser­v­a­tive media world. Oh, thanks to our listeners/readers, you are the ones who make this blog/show what it is today. With­out you we would not be near­ly as suc­cess­ful in spread­ing our “Crazy Chris­t­ian” message.

    You are free to speak your mind but don’t expect that peo­ple will respect you after­wards. You have lost all the good­will and respect of the com­mu­ni­ty. You are the new poster boy for Crazy Christians!!!

    1. 1) Please go back and re-read my post. I was­n’t talk­ing about the media at all — nev­er men­tioned ’em, but I’m sure they’d be flat­tered they were on your mine. Actu­al­ly, I was refer­ring sim­ply to those who com­ment­ed on my oth­er post. Your reac­tion to this post sor­ta proves my point, too. Thanks for that.

      2) With you per­haps, but even you keep com­ing back, shroud­ed by anonymi­ty. That’s your right, of course, but if you’re going to com­plain about some­one voic­ing their opin­ions, you might as well iden­ti­fy your­self when you do so, extend­ing to the peo­ple you com­plain about the same cour­tesy they’ve extend­ed to you by reveal­ing who they are (in this case, me).

      3) So no lib­er­al media anchors, authors, blog­gers, and so on thank their read­ers? I thought you guys were the cour­te­ous ones? You may not be able to gen­uine­ly thank peo­ple who dis­agree with you, but please don’t assume that oth­ers lack that abil­i­ty. Stereo­types get you nowhere and def­i­nite­ly don’t serve to help your case.

  3. Thesis Customer

    I don’t believe in God. Prove to me s/he exists.

    I’ll accept a birth cer­tifi­cate form Hawaii as proof if you so choose.

    1. I have absolute­ly no idea what this has to do with the top­ic at hand; how­ev­er, your demon­strat­ed refusal to deal with facts leads me to believe that no mat­ter what I say here will be quick­ly dis­missed by you. If you legit­i­mate­ly want to dis­cuss the exis­tence of God, let me know and give me a valid e‑mail address and we can dis­cuss it. I would like to keep these com­ments on-top­ic if at all pos­si­ble; I hope you understand.

  4. I appre­ci­ate that you were will­ing to post about this. Do you think that you will do a “Part 2” to this post? I think many of us would like to hear from you again on this.

  5. It’s pos­si­ble your use of the terms “Obamapol­o­gist and Oba­ma­colyte” and my favorite “Obames­si­ah” may have set the tone for the dis­cus­sion. Your choice of those terms means you went into this think­ing that peo­ple who dis­agree with you on that issue are irra­tional. When you look for trou­ble, you’ll gen­er­al­ly find it.

    One oth­er thing is that it is pos­si­ble to dis­agree with you on that oth­er issue with­out being an Oba­ma sup­port­er. I per­son­al­ly don’t sup­port any politicians–I do sup­port good policy.

    1. I wish I could take cred­it for “Obames­si­ah.” It isn’t so much a term of deri­sion as it is a reminder that peo­ple seem to put a lot of hope in that man — actu­al­ly, that is how he cam­paigned any­way. The oth­er terms “Obamapol­o­gist” and “Oba­ma­colyte” are per­fect­ly accu­rate and again are not meant to be terms of deri­sion. If I defend Christ, I am a Chris­t­ian apol­o­gist; if I fol­low Christ’s lead, I am an acolyte of Christ. I sim­ply applied those terms and mean­ings to those who defend/follow Oba­ma, and made them into cute lit­tle port­man­teaus just because port­man­teaus are fun.

      By sim­ply post­ing about this issue, I knew I was ask­ing for trou­ble, or at least some chal­leng­ing dis­cus­sion. The word­play was the least of my wor­ries, know what I mean?

  6. It’s not sur­pris­ing that the major­i­ty of the com­ments reflect the atti­tude you address in your post. I wish I had your patience to try to make a dent in the mind of the intran­si­gents. Kudos. As a true Chris­t­ian you’re coura­geous­ly tak­ing the arrows.

    1. Claude, all I can say is that I’m very thank­ful that it is just dig­i­tal arrows that we’re talk­ing about. Whether or not the dis­cus­sion goes any­where, I can’t say. I said my piece, con­science cleared. :D

  7. Rick, thanks for the fol­low up. Your thoughts (most­ly) echo the few issues I’ve had as with him well.

  8. Andrew Yu-Jen Wang

    Speak­ing of Barack Obama:

    Barack Oba­ma is a racial-minor­i­ty indi­vid­ual, and in his heart and mind he inevitably does not endorse hate crimes com­mit­ted by George W. Bush.

    George W. Bush com­mit­ted hate crimes of epic pro­por­tions and with the stench of ter­ror­ism (indi­cat­ed in my blog).

    George W. Bush did in fact com­mit innu­mer­able hate crimes.

    And I do solemn­ly swear by Almighty God that George W. Bush com­mit­ted oth­er hate crimes of epic pro­por­tions and with the stench of ter­ror­ism which I am not at lib­er­ty to mention.

    Many peo­ple know what Bush did.

    And many peo­ple will know what Bush did—even to the end of the world.

    Bush was absolute evil.

    Bush is now like a fugi­tive from justice.

    Bush is a psy­cho­log­i­cal prisoner.

    Bush has a lot to wor­ry about.

    Bush can tech­ni­cal­ly be pros­e­cut­ed for hate crimes at any time.

    In any case, Bush will go down in his­to­ry in infamy.

    Sub­mit­ted by Andrew Yu-Jen Wang
    B.S., Sum­ma Cum Laude, 1996
    Mes­si­ah Col­lege, Grantham, PA
    Low­er Meri­on High School, Ard­more, PA, 1993

    I am not sure where I had read it before, but any­way, it is a lin­guis­ti­cal­ly excel­lent state­ment, and it goes kind of like this: “If only it were pos­si­ble to ban inven­tion that bot­tled up mem­o­ries so they nev­er got stale and fad­ed.” Oh wait—off the top of my head—I think the quo­ta­tion came from my Low­er Meri­on High School yearbook.

    1. Thanks for the com­ment, but I’m not for sure what it has to do with any­thing. I’m also not for sure how being in a minor­i­ty makes one, “inevitably,” exempt from com­mit­ting hate crimes. It seems you have some strong ideas of your own, though, so I encour­age you to start your own blog rather than co-opt­ing com­ment threads on posts unre­lat­ed to your point. ;)

    2. Andrew, don’t feel you have to hold back. Rep­u­ta­tion means noth­ing on this blog, so there is no penal­ty for telling us what you real­ly think of Bush.

    1. Always nice to have you drop by, Jeff! I take it from your incred­i­bly angry com­ment and the boat­load of hate­ful remarks toward me that I’ve lost all cred­i­bil­i­ty with you as well? :D

      “FTW” stands for “for the win.” I’ve seen it else­where, but I’m pret­ty sure I picked it up from Chris Pear­son!

  9. Hi Rick,

    As oth­ers not­ed, the tone of your Birth Cer­tifi­cate post like­ly has more to do with the types of respons­es you got than any­thing. Those who agreed with you prob­a­bly felt com­fort­able com­ment­ing. They knew they’d have a wel­come sup­port­ive forum here, so they respond­ed in a most­ly civ­il tone. 

    Those who dis­agreed like­ly felt unwel­come (or even mocked) and I sus­pect most just rolled their eyes and moved on… leav­ing you with only those who were annoyed enough to post snarky com­ments to rep­re­sent the counter point. 

    But don’t judge the whole based on a small and dis­tort­ed slice of both sides.

    On a per­son­al lev­el, I had a quite ratio­nal response to that post typed out, then decid­ed it just was­n’t worth it. The atti­tude and terms you used (specif­i­cal­ly “Obamapol­o­gist” and Oba­ma­colyte” and “Obames­si­ah” ) made me feel that my com­ments would­n’t be wel­comed, and would like­ly be mocked or dis­missed. I’m sure it’s unin­ten­tion­al, but even the tone in this cur­rent post and com­ments make me feel uncom­fort­able here… from the remarks about the “irra­tional­i­ty” of elect­ing Oba­ma, to what appears to be a belief that you’re qual­i­fied to judge what defines a cer­tain, a church or an indi­vid­ual as Chris­t­ian. Based on your judg­ment of Oba­ma, I’m afraid you’d find me pret­ty despi­ca­ble and “oba­man­able” too, so I’m not like­ly to speak up often, just on that count.

    But maybe more impor­tant­ly, I did­n’t want to be drawn into a snarky polit­i­cal argu­ment with a per­son who I may be beg­ging for cod­ing help from next week, so I closed my brows­er instead of hit­ting submit. 

    Bot­tom line, the com­ments on that post aren’t rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the atti­tudes of Oba­ma’s crit­ics or sup­port­ers… they’re only rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the peo­ple who were moved to com­ment on that post. All polit­i­cal ori­en­ta­tions have their share of snarky, mean spir­it­ed, hate­ful and even dan­ger­ous peo­ple, but their vis­i­bil­i­ty varies depend­ing on the forum and the cur­rent polit­i­cal winds.

    In any­case, thanks for read­ing ;) and I think I’ll go back to the orig­i­nal post and pro­vide you with a few of the sources you’ve asked for!

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