The Christian Origins of Harry Potter

I’ve heard Christians vehemently decry the Harry Potter series of books as satanic. They were responded to by those who claim that the books are all harmless fun (which they are*).

And I’ve heard Christians talking about the spirituality of Harry Potter, and how allegorical or illustrative of the Christian faith the books sometimes appear. They were responded to by those who claim that Christians just try to appropriate everything which is popular in order to bolster their own subculture.

As it turns out, however, it looks as though J.K. Rowling really was infusing Christian ideas into the Harry Potter books.

It’ll be interesting to see the responses Rowling’s confessions get from the Christian community.

I’m hoping the general consensus recognizes not only that Rowling is really struggling with her faith, but that the seed of faith has been planted. Pray for God to give the increase, and pray for Rowling. Simple, no?

* Maybe you’re bothered by the fact there are witches, wizards, spells, and more throughout the Harry Potter series; that’s fine. However, within the series, witches & wizards are born as what they are. Unlike real life, they don’t have a choice not to be a witch or wizard anymore than I could choose to no longer be a male (unthinkable surgery notwithstanding). It is a work of fiction, and there are far better things for Christians to be spending their time on trying to improve — poverty comes to mind… or ending King James Onlyism.

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