The Brazenly Coded Box for Thesis 2.0

The Brazen­ly Cod­ed Box is no longer sup­port­ed (and may not work at all on cur­rent ver­sions of The­sis)! Down­load Open­Hook to take advan­tage of its Open­Box fea­ture, which pro­vides sim­i­lar (but bet­ter pro­grammed) func­tion­al­i­ty to the Brazen­ly Cod­ed Box!

Look­ing to take your The­sis 2.0 install to the next lev­el? Give your­self near­ly lim­it­less cus­tomiza­tion abil­i­ties with the Brazen­ly Cod­ed Box! It’s more or less just like The­sis’ built-in Text box, which allows you to add plain text and HTML to your site; how­ev­er, the big dif­fer­ence is that with the Brazen­ly Cod­ed Box, you have the free­dom to include any PHP cod­ing in your site, wher­ev­er a box may be placed in Thesis.

Down­load the Brazen­ly Cod­ed Box now!

If you’re famil­iar with Open­Hook and how it allowed you to exe­cute cus­tom code wher­ev­er The­sis pre‑2.0 had hooks, then this con­cept should be a lit­tle famil­iar to you. Note: Code insert­ed in the box will need wrapped in the appro­pri­ate <?php ?> tags; oth­er­wise, this box will per­form pret­ty much just like the default The­sis text box!

Do take note that, as always, hav­ing the pow­er to add com­plete­ly cus­tom code to your site means hav­ing the pow­er to com­plete­ly hose the entire site. Seri­ous­ly, if you want­ed to, you could cre­ate a box that wipes your entire data­base upon which your Word­Press is installed. Be care­ful! Dou­ble-check those codes, don’t install this if you don’t trust every user who has access to your The­sis admin area, and so on.

And don’t blame me if, through the use of this, your site explodes in your face!


With­in your The­sis 2.0 admin­is­tra­tion pan­el, choose “Box­es -> Select Box­es.” On that page, upload; after it installs, tick the check­box next to it, save your box­es, and then vis­it the skin edi­tor for whichev­er tem­plate you wish to edit. On the edit­ing screen’s “Add Box” wid­get, choose “Cus­tom Code.”

Be cre­ative, and have fun!






20 responses to “The Brazenly Coded Box for Thesis 2.0”

  1. Hesham Zebida Avatar


    And don’t blame me if, through the use of this, your site explodes in your face!

    This is the first thing I thought of, which make this Box very dan­ger­ous, sor­ry but I won’t sup­port this idea!

    1. Rick Beckman Avatar

      It was pos­si­ble to break the site just the same with Open­Hook, but that did­n’t stop it from being used by count­less The­sis users, espe­cial­ly those who were less tech savvy. I nev­er received a com­plaint from them that they broke their site through adding invalid code.

      I mere­ly put the dis­claimer up there because it’s a real possibility.

      It’s no more dan­ger­ous (indeed, is less so) than mod­i­fy­ing the Word­Press con­fig­u­ra­tion file, but it’s the first thing the Word­Press install asks of its users. ;)

  2. Nathan Avatar

    Just what I was in search of!

    You da man!

  3. Rick Beckman Avatar

    Spread the word! A DIYthemes devel­op­er has already said how “dan­ger­ous” this box is on Twit­ter. So go forth and show how this box allows users to unleash what­ev­er their imag­i­na­tion devis­es on their sites!

  4. Avinash Avatar

    I am a great fan of The­sis Open Hook plu­g­in which gave me lim­it­less options to use the­sis with­out wor­ry­ing much abt the custom_functions.php.

    Great to have this box again which was need­ed to start play­ing with The­sis 2. Thanks for all your hard work and releas­ing it for free. :)

  5. Rick Beckman Avatar

    Thanks, Avinash! Be sure to share the Cod­ed Box with every­one you know who needs com­plete flex­i­bil­i­ty with The­sis 2.0!

  6. Clarence Johnson Avatar

    Thank you for cre­at­ing such a great tool. Appreciated!

  7. karmen Avatar

    This is all kinds of awe­some — exact­ly what I need­ed… How else are we sup­posed to add cus­tom php code.

    1. Rick Beckman Avatar

      There’s some undoc­u­ment­ed method involv­ing files added to the /wp-content/ fold­er. Good luck if you want to go that route.

  8. Jami Avatar

    THANK YOU!!! I’m a long-time The­sis designer/user (years & years & count­less web­sites) cur­rent­ly work­ing on a devel­op­ment and design project for a friend. We just loaded up The­sis 2.0.1 onto the domain. I could­n’t find a darn way to add a bit of php into the foot­er… until I found your won­der­ful “box”. I tru­ly appre­ci­ate your hard work!

  9. Rick Beckman Avatar

    Fan­tas­tic! Thanks for your kind words, Jami!

  10. Stephanie Avatar

    Rick — this is exact­ly the kind of thing I was look­ing for! 

    Ques­tion: I had every­thing work­ing, but then this morn­ing this error showed up on my site where the box was, which was at the bot­tom of the post on the home page, down where the “leave a com­ment” link is:

    Warn­ing: str_repeat() expects para­me­ter 2 to be long, array giv­en in /home/livelik8/public_html/penelopesays/wp-content/thesis/boxes/brazenly_coded_box/box.php on line 53

    It shows up even if I delete all the code in the cus­tom code box, so I did­n’t think it’s my code — any sug­ges­tions for what I’m doing wrong? (I took the box out for the time being so they won’t be there if you actu­al­ly go to the site.) Thanks so much!

    1. Rick Beckman Avatar

      Hey, Stephanie. I’m not sure why that error would start appear­ing; have you changed any­thing on your site lately?

      In any event, if you can mod­i­fy the wp-content/thesis/boxes/brazenly-coded-box/box.php file, we may be able to get things work­ing fine for you.

      You’ll want to find the fol­low­ing line (line #53) in the file; it’s right near the bot­tom of the file so should be easy to spot: $tab = str_repeat("t", $depth);

      Sim­ply replace that line entire­ly with this: $tab = '';

      This should fix the error you’re experiencing.

  11. Rick Beckman Avatar

    If you’ve enjoyed this box, then you should def­i­nite­ly check out Open­Hook 3.4, which includes a sim­i­lar box (called Open­Box) which allows com­plete free­dom of expres­sion wher­ev­er you’d like in your The­sis 2 skin editor!

  12. Stephanie Avatar

    Woot! Thanks a bunch! That worked like a charm :-)

  13. chaoxfu Avatar

    Thanks your sharing ^^

  14. Nate Avatar


    I love this box, but I just updat­ed Word­Press and The­sis, and now get this error:

    Warn­ing: Miss­ing argu­ment 1 for brazenly_coded_box::html() in /home/nickname/public_html/wp-content/thesis/boxes/brazenly_coded_box/box.php on line 50

    I appre­ci­ate your support!

    1. Rick Beckman Avatar

      Brazen­ly Cod­ed Box was very quick­ly replaced by a new­er, more stream­lined ver­sion. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, there is no update mech­a­nism for box­es (that I could find), so I bun­dled it into the Word­Press plu­g­in Open­Hook. Install Open­Hook, and you’ll get a new box auto­mat­i­cal­ly called OpenBox.

      1. Nate Avatar

        Great, every­thing is back to nor­mal! Appre­ci­ate it!

  15. Raaj Trambadia Avatar

    “Warn­ing: Miss­ing argu­ment 1 for brazenly_coded_box::html() in /home/nickname/public_html/wp-content/thesis/boxes/brazenly_coded_box/box.php on line 50” — the fol­low­ing should solve the problem.

    Change (on line 50) -­lic func­tion html($depth) {

    to­lic func­tion html($depth = ”) {

    I guess that should solve it.

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