The Abortion Epidemic

One Minute of Deaths
One Minute of Deaths

If you have nev­er vis­it­ed the World Clock, it is sober­ing. In addi­tion to world times, the World Clock dis­plays sick­ness & injury inci­dence, the num­ber of var­i­ous food ani­mals slaugh­tered, and more over the course of a year, a month, or even from the point you click on the “Now” but­ton. It is the “Deaths” dis­play which most firm­ly catch­es my attention.

I click the “Now” but­ton and watched the num­bers increase over the course of about a minute (1:06 to be precise).

Dur­ing that minute (keep­ing in mind all of these are esti­mates): One per­son fell to their death … Two peo­ple killed them­selves … There were no war casu­al­ties, but there were sev­en peo­ple who died from sex­u­al­ly trans­mit­ted dis­ease or HIV/AIDS.

One-hun­dred and twen­ty-eight deaths in toto.

One minute, 128 deaths… That is, until you include abortions.

Eighty-sev­en abor­tions in just one minute, bring­ing the total count up to two-hun­dred and fif­teen deaths.

Assum­ing the accu­ra­cy of the sta­tis­tics used by the World Clock, abor­tion is the world’s sin­gle great­est killer.

More than war. More than heart disease.

Your reac­tion to that fig­ure large­ly depends upon when you believe life begins. If a per­son does­n’t become a per­son until they are born, then the abor­tion fig­ure isn’t near­ly as trag­ic. Chances are, then, that you are a Demo­c­rat and have been won­der­ing about how there could pos­si­bly be zero war casu­al­ties dur­ing that minute time span giv­en the fact that Bush is still in office.

If, how­ev­er, you believe that life begins at con­cep­tion, then that abor­tion fig­ure is hor­ri­fy­ing. It gets worse, though. Accord­ing to the World Clock, since the begin­ning of 2008 there have been 26,523,604 abor­tions world­wide. More than war. More than dis­ease. More than injury.

Twen­ty-six and a half mil­lion human beings slaugh­tered by means of abortion.

A sense of pro­por­tion: Based on July, 2007 cen­sus data… If the entire cities of New York, Los Ange­les, Chica­go, Hous­ton, Phoenix, and Philadel­phia were laid to waste, the abor­tion death count would still be higher.

So God cre­at­ed man in his own image,
in the image of God he cre­at­ed him;
male and female he cre­at­ed them. Gen­e­sis 1:27

Twen­ty-six and a half mil­lion image bear­ers slaughtered?

“Who­ev­er sheds the blood of man,
by man shall his blood be shed,
for God made man in his own image. Gen­e­sis 9:6

Giv­en that gov­ern­ments no longer pun­ish the wicked, it is no sur­prise at all that sins of the most deplorable sort are so widespread.

Think about these things when­ev­er you hear Amer­i­ca described as a “Chris­t­ian nation.” Amer­i­ca is a nation pop­u­lat­ed and gov­erned by peo­ple who, for the most part, care a great deal more about the econ­o­my than mil­lions upon mil­lions of inno­cents slaugh­tered each year.

For every 3.3 births, there is an abortion.

How should we as God-fear­ing Chris­tians react to such whole­sale feticide?

23 thoughts on “The Abortion Epidemic”

  1. This is fas­ci­nat­ing, Rick. I per­son­al­ly am not con­vinced that life begins at con­cep­tion, but it clear­ly there is a point where a baby becomes more than just a “fetus.”

    Ques­tions of when life real­ly begins and when it real­ly ends are, as Oba­ma said, prob­a­bly above all of our pay grades. I dif­fer with him, though, in that, since we real­ly can­not answer it, we should be con­ser­v­a­tive in our def­i­n­i­tion of when life begins. Hence, while I do not real­ly believe there is a new life that exists upon con­cep­tion, one has to draw the line some­where, and con­cep­tion is the most con­ser­v­a­tive point. After all, we real­ly do not know, do we?

    Again, thanks for a well-researched and inter­est­ing arti­cle. It’s got­ten me to think­ing again.

  2. I see that abor­tion fig­ure as a great thing, think about how much less pop­u­lat­ed the plan­et is thanks to abor­tion. We don’t need more peo­ple, the plan­et is already start­ing to get over crowd­ed. Peo­ple con­trol is a must just as it is with any animal.

  3. No secret that the crux of the mat­ter is the ques­tion of when life begins; if a human life begins at con­cep­tion, then not only are two peo­ple par­ents the moment they make a baby, then those same peo­ple are mur­der­ers should they abort the baby.

    Sci­ence does­n’t seem suit­ed to telling us when life begins — sci­en­tists will be debat­ing the ques­tion long after we’re gone. Even if sci­en­tists rule that life begins at birth, the deci­sion is an arbi­trary guess based upon an arbi­trary def­i­n­i­tion of life inter­pret­ed through evo­lu­tion­ist terms.

    And quite frankly, under those same con­di­tions, all life is mean­ing­less and abor­tion, mur­der, and so on don’t amount to any­thing of mean­ing­ful effect — What is the source of mean­ing, after all?

    I trust the answer to the same source I that I trust for the life after death answer: He who gives life and takes it away, the Lord Yahweh.


    And because it was brought up, I’ll just say that if over­pop­u­la­tion is tru­ly a prob­lem (I don’t believe it is), then not only is abor­tion an answer, but so is suicide.

    “If you’re not part of the solu­tion, then you are part of the prob­lem,” as they say.

    Grate­ful­ly, I don’t have to be hyp­o­crit­i­cal in being anti-abortion.

  4. I don’t think all killing is mur­der and there are some cir­cum­stances when abor­tion is legit­i­mate (e.g. eptopic preg­nan­cy). I don’t know how many of those abor­tions in the world clock were vol­un­tary, for resaons such as self­ish­ness or irre­spon­si­bil­i­ty. I do know that if I had lost a baby due to preg­nan­cy com­pli­ca­tions and s/he had to be abort­ed, I would be pret­ty unhap­py to have you accuse me of slaughter.

    We don’t need more peo­ple, the plan­et is already start­ing to get over crowd­ed. Peo­ple con­trol is a must just as it is with any animal.

    If you think peo­ple (who, as Rick said, are made in the image of God) should be con­trolled, appeal to peo­ple to imple­ment con­trol by not mak­ing more people!

    Also, if life starts at con­cep­tion, then God kills off a lot more of his cre­ations than we know. It’s expect­ed that women have many more con­cep­tions than diag­nosed, but the fetus dies too ear­ly to realise they’re pregnant.

  5. kristarel­la: “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away.” I don’t doubt that the Lord takes a great many lives; as Cre­ator, that’s entire­ly His pre­rog­a­tive, as I’m sure you’d agree.

    And you’re right, cer­tain med­ical crises may cost the life of the fetus. I apol­o­gize if it came off that way; I’m not con­demn­ing that. I’d have to study the Pen­ta­teuch a bit more, but if I’m not mis­tak­en the life of the moth­er is giv­en a high­er lev­el of pro­tec­tion in God’s Law than the baby which she car­ries. (Per­haps some­one can chime in who knows for sure?)

    Regard­ing view­ing a “clump of undif­fer­en­ti­at­ed cells as a per­son,” I admit that can be dif­fi­cult. That’s why I dis­be­lieve that sci­ence is equipped to answer the ques­tion of when life begins. At what point does a fetus bear God’s image? At what point are body, soul, and spir­it present?

    Those ques­tions are nec­es­sar­i­ly out­side the realm of empir­i­cal evi­dence and a the­o­log­i­cal answer must be pro­vid­ed. On a per­son­al lev­el, I would pre­fer to err on the side of con­ser­vatism. I’d hate to be the per­son or com­mit­tee to decide that a human life becomes “human” at a cer­tain point if, in fact, life begins ear­li­er than that. Know what I mean?

    Ulti­mate­ly, it’s sim­ply yet extreme­ly com­fort­ing know­ing that God is sov­er­eign and is thus in con­trol over the lives of man — whether in the womb or out.

  6. “…the plan­et is already start­ing to get over crowd­ed.” Obvi­ous­ly, some peo­ple have not trav­eled the mid­west­ern Unit­ed States. Not ten miles from my house are lit­er­al­ly THOUSANDS of acres that are uninhabited–wide open prairies. The sense of “over­pop­u­la­tion” is sim­ply because a lot of peo­ple are liv­ing on the same square mile in some cities.

    Good post, Rick.

  7. Kei­th,

    The “Click here” does­n’t do any­thing for me. Could you please give the url? Thanks.

  8. Yes, it is God’s pre­rog­a­tive to do as he wills. How­ev­er, he works for his pur­pos­es, for his glo­ry. Obvi­ous­ly I don’t know the mind of the Lord, but it would seem very strange to me that mak­ing peo­ple and killing them with­out any­one know­ing about it would bring him glory.
    I guess we shall see.

    You’re right. Sci­ence can­not answer those ques­tions, since God is the life-giv­er and sci­ence tries to answer those ques­tions apart from God. Maybe sci­ence + Bible can answer those ques­tions, but maybe not.

  9. Kei­th’s solu­tion is sim­plis­tic and unre­al­is­tic (and prob­a­bly not exact­ly where Oba­ma is), but on the right track.

    Note that no mat­ter what is done, there will always be abor­tions. It does seem that the num­bers could be con­sid­er­ably less.

    Absti­nence only edu­ca­tion is not effec­tive. That does not mean that absti­nence should­n’t be taught. But prop­er use of birth con­trol should also be taught (most peo­ple are going to end up using (or try­ing to use) birth con­trol at some point in their life.

    Giv­ing up a baby for adop­tion needs to get a more pos­i­tive spin in the cul­ture. A woman fac­ing the sit­u­a­tion needs to see adop­tion as a pos­i­tive, good thing to do.

    Men (and women) need to bet­ter under­stand that sex is a two way street. It should not take place unless both par­ties are ful­ly consenting.

  10. Senior: Regard­ing the last line of your com­ment… “It should not take place unless both par­ties are ful­ly consenting.”

    Do you mean ful­ly con­sent­ing in hav­ing sex, or ful­ly con­sent­ing in pos­si­bly con­ceiv­ing a child?

  11. I believe Senior means the lat­ter, and I agree: two peo­ple should not have sex if they’re not aware of (and accept deal­ing with — in a humane way) the pos­si­ble consequences.

  12. I mean that both par­ties are ful­ly con­sent­ing to sex.

    There is plen­ty of sex hap­pen­ing in which one par­ty (usu­al­ly the woman) does not real­ly want to have sex, but is sub­tly (or not so sub­tly) coerced into it. Not real­ly rape, but…

    We also need to fig­ure out how to raise our chil­dren with enough self esteem that they don’t turn to sex (among oth­er things) in an attempt to feel good.

  13. Senior: Could you please what is unre­al­is­tic or sim­plis­tic about my “solu­tion?” Are you imply­ing it CAN’T be done?

  14. Kei­th,

    Unless I mis­un­der­stand some­thing, your solu­tion is that peo­ple refrain from sex unless…married? want children?…well, I’m not clear about what the “what” would be there…

    Still, you are ask­ing for a lot of sex to be refrained from (I won­der how many mar­ried women have abor­tions? Mar­ried cou­ples should refrain also?). So, yes. It CAN’T be done.

    It can be cut back on, and I stat­ed above that absti­nence should be taught. It would help, but it isn’t a solution.

  15. Senior:
    Will I agree that in today’s soci­ety, my solu­tion is view as “puri­tan­i­cal,” it’s obvi­ous­ly the Bible approach for starters.

    I am not against birth con­trol, either by med­ica­tion or surgery. I also under­stand that “acci­dents” hap­pen to mar­ried cou­ples. How­ev­er, the Cen­ter for Dis­ease Con­trol reports that 82% of all abor­tions are per­formed on unmar­ried women. Sounds like a moral prob­lem to me. And of the “acci­dents,” I’m pret­ty sure there are lots of cou­ples that would LOVE to adopt a baby, regard­less of how it was conceived.

    Oth­er stats from the CDC:
    — 47% of women who have abor­tions had at least one pre­vi­ous abortion
    — On aver­age, women give at least 3 rea­sons for choos­ing abor­tion: 34 say that hav­ing a baby would inter­fere with work, school or oth­er respon­si­bil­i­ties; about 34 say they can­not afford a child; and 12 say they do not want to be a sin­gle par­ent or are hav­ing prob­lems with their hus­band or part­ner (AGI).

    I still say it can be done…obviously lots of peo­ple don’t want to try. It’s eas­i­er just to “elmi­nate the prob­lem.” In the words of Barack Oba­ma: “We don’t want them pun­ished with a baby.” (Empha­sis mine).

    For the record, I believe life begins at conception.

  16. Oh, guess I got it wrong that Senior meant con­sent­ing to the con­se­quences of sex rather than sex itself. Yes, there is a lot of rape that goes on, it’s very sad and one of the rea­sons I don’t read the news very often. How­ev­er, I believe that it’s a sur­pris­ing­ly small pro­por­tion of peo­ple that have abor­tions after rape.

  17. kristarel­la: FYI__The CDC reports that only 4.7% of rapes result in preg­nan­cy. I real­ize that does­n’t make the issue of rape any better.

  18. Thanks Kei­th. Yeah, I did­n’t think a high pro­por­tion of rapes result­ed in preg­nan­cy. How­ev­er, I think a lot of women think that the only time they’d have an abor­tion was if they con­ceived from being raped, but I think very few of those cas­es actu­al­ly get an abortion.

    Lat­est from kristarel­la: Event of the day: car crash

  19. Quot­ing Anon:“get off the inter­net, we dont like your kind here.”
    Quot­ing Jesus:“they will not come to the light for their deeds are evil.”
    Just thought I’d say it’s been said before.

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