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CBS 3 recently ran a story entitled “New Edition of Bible Aimed at Younger Generation,” which I want to take a look at and reply to here. The original article text is blockquoted and its usage falls under Fair Use. My replies follow the blocks.

A new quick read is filled with drama, miracles, and mystery. Many may be surprised that the book is not a recent bestseller, but a new bible. CBS 3 Anchor Pat Ciarrocchi reports on a new edition of the greatest story ever told.

The usage of such phrases as “new bible,” “new edition,” and the like are strongly misleading. There is but only one Bible, and there are no “editions” of it. The Bible is holy, perfect, complete, and unalterable. It should not be likened unto books which do have editions, such as an Encyclopedia. To add and remove from an encyclopedia improves it. To add or remove from the word of God creates a satanic book which is an offense to God, so much so that by doing so you bring the curses of God upon yourself and forfeit any hope of finding your name in the Book of Life.

It took Joshua Powell years to learn the guitar, but when it comes to the Bible, he is learning at light speed.

I wonder if he’ll be affected at all by reading the twenty-second chapter of Revelation, in which God finalizes His book for all time. I wonder if that part even made it into this new “edition.”

“I have read almost the entire New Testament in about four hours,” said Powell.

“The entire” New Testament? I don’t doubt that some may be able to read the NT in under five hours (or even four). But don’t lie (a sin) about what you have done if you have read only a castrated perversion of the New Testament.

Joshua is a disciple of a new kind of Bible, a modern version of the ancient text that turns the holy word into a mini-blockbuster.

“A mini-blockbuster”? With what irreverence does man hold the word of God today! Comparing it to entertainment? If Joshua thinks the word of God can be so bastardized and still mean anything, he is missing out on just how wonderful the word of God is and how high of an esteem the Lord holds His word in. Those parts have probably been penciled out of this bible as well.

Christian publisher Paul Caminiti of Zondervan Publishing House predicts the popularity of these books will hit biblical proportions.

“Biblical proportions”… Does Mr. Caminiti even know what that means? “Biblical proportions” means that for breaking the sanctity and completeness of the word of God, he has brought into question his own salvation and may have condemned himself to the Lake of Fire. “And if any man shall take away from teh words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book” (Revelation 22:19). What is written “in this book”? Eternal life is!

Also, it is no surprise that it is Zondervan Publishing House creating this trash; perverted & imposter bibles seem to be a specialty of theirs.

“We took out the traditional chapters and verses so the look and feel of it is more like a novel,â€? said Caminiti.

Does this mean that the chapter/verse divisions have been removed? Or have actual chapters and verses been removed? Ambiguity on such an important issue probably isn’t wise.

The 100-minute bible is for the speedy, but spiritual. It is specifically targeting the younger set with hip language, even songs and email.

“100-minute bible”? That’s a confession if I’ve ever seen one. “Lord, we just deleted much of your word because we didn’t think it was necessary to get a ‘speedy, but spiritual’ understanding of you. Hope you enjoy it.” And in reply, God is blotting out their names from the Book of Life. One deletion for another.

And if these people were really spiritual, it would be no chore to dive into a reverent, holy translation of the Bible in your respective language. In English that boils down to the King James Version. And anyone with an ounce of determination can understand it just fine, even children (I’ve seen it!). If the word of God is “too much” for you that you have to seek a compromised, bastardized, mutilated “edition,” I doubt there is much spiritual about you at all. God must be worshiped in spirit and in truth, and His truth is the word of God. It is whole. Do not tamper.

There are also comic books in Hebrew and English on Queen Esther.

What can a comic communicate that the Bible does not already? If you aren’t portraying Esther exactly as she looked (and that is likely an impossible feat), you are bearing false witness by even attempting to depict her. Do not think that people will learn to love God and His word of God any deeper and with any more maturity if the tools that are meant to teach them represent the “finest in Bible bastardization and minimization,” after the tradition of Satan in the garden.

“In our culture, people are very anxious, not only to experience the best, but also to experience the best as quickly and efficiently as they can,” said Kathleen Darr, a Biblical scholar at Boston University.

This “bible” is not the best. It is dangerous, sinful, satanic, and damnable. If you want the best, stop being a lazy sloth and “study to shew thyself approved unto God” your King James Bible. There are Christians in other parts of the world who would literally die to own just a few more pages of the Bible, and here in America Christians are voluntarily ripping their “bibles” to shreds, tossing out “unnecessary” or “judgmental” verses, and making a bible after their own image, which they likely did for their god as well, who apparently has no care for his word.

The need for efficiency is why William Proctor put together the light speed bible with catchy headings, highlighted passages, and a how-to-guide.

The “need for efficiency” means nothing compared to Truth and holiness.

“I’ve developed a strategy for reading, which would actually get people through the entire Bible in 24-hours or less, every word, said Proctor.

It doesn’t sound like we’re talking about “the entire Bible” here to me… Reading it quick is one thing; God says to study it (at least He does in the King James Version; every other Bible I’ve seen translated after the KJV changes “study” to something a bit less demanding and definitive).

Powell insisted that he savors every word of his new bible, experiencing the bible and its message in the way it was intended.

If God had intended the word to have been experienced in that way, that’s the way He would have given us. These people seem to be struggling to find an excuse to neuter the Bible!

“To get an overview of so much content so quickly, and being able to retain it, it’s very useful,â€? said Powell.

It’d be more useful if the content being retained was actual Scripture, and not a bastardization.

Both Caminiti and Proctor said the religious reads are not meant to replace in-depth bible study, but to enhance it and leave the reader wanting more.

We live in a wicked and a slothful generation; this “quick fix” will be “enough” for almost everyone who uses it. If you want to encourage real Bible study, stop giving alternatives, especially ones which call into question your own salvation. The creators of this shortcut bible need the real word of God more than their audience do.

It is important to note that the 100-minute bible was just released in the U.K. and is expected to make its way to the U.S. in the near future.

We’re a lazy nation; I’m sure it will be well accepted here. And the UK is very “progressive” and is not known for a strong Bible-believing contingency, so it’s no surprising that such a book is accepted there by any means.

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