That Legacy Thing

That Legacy Thing — Dan takes an honest, exposing look at the big picture of the past 8 years for Evangelicalism in America.

1 thought on “That Legacy Thing”

  1. Dan may be giving an honest look, but not an unmistaken one…

    “Violent crime is on the rise.”

    Is it??

    “Abortion is on the rise.”


    “Illegal drug use is on the rise.”

    Well, maybe…

    “Life expectancy in our country has actually dropped.”

    He must have some VERY recent numbers….

    Then there are a few things I agree with, then there’s this:

    “And we may very well elect as our next president a guy whose political experience couldn’t get him elected dog catcher in most small towns”

    He is a US Senator and he has put together one of the most effective campaign organizations I’ve ever seen. He clearly has sufficient experience for any number of elected offices.

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