Terrorist Attack in London

Terrorism has made a show of itself again, this time by causing numerous explosions throughout London’s transit systems, causing a dark shadow to be cast over the historic meeting of eight of the world’s most powerful leaders (the G8 summit in Scotland).

No doubt, these events — which obviously have caused (are causing?) casualties and loss of lives — will fuel the wrath felt toward global terrorist cells, and Prime Minister Blair and the British government now have a biblical responsibility now to punish the terrorists (1 Peter 2:14).

Individually, let us take this as an opportunity to pray not only for the victims, but also for those who perpetrated the attacks. Yes, it is easy to be angry in a situation like this, but the love of Christ ought to overshadow that anger, and we should give up our wrath (along with our cares, c.f. 1 Peter 5:7) to the Lord, for vengeance is his, and his alone (Romans 12:19).

May the Lord’s hand be at work in this situation.

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