Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Given how much I enjoyed Star Wars: Clone Wars, I have been eagerly anticipating Star Wars: The Clone Wars. I went to see the movie yesterday with the sons of two friends of mine — the movie doesn’t seem to have attracted the attention of any of the women folk around me — and while I had fun watching the movie, if I were to judge it as a Star Wars movie, then it’s easily the worst yet.


  • Anakin Skywalker did not seem like himself. His whole character and persona were very off — reminiscent more of the child Anakin of Episode I than of the adolescent Anakin we’d expect to find between Episodes II & 3.
  • At this point, who cares that Anakin is fighting Count Dooku? We already know the fates of these people, effectively removing all suspense and anticipation which should accompany a lightning-paced lightsaber duel.
  • I wanted to like Ahsoka Tano, but quite frankly I get enough of plucky tween girls bouncing in and out of my department all day long at work. Her character especially seemed out of place in that galaxy far, far away. Too bad we can be pretty certain that Ahsoka will meet her doom before ever growing up to become the Jedi Knight she so wants to be… Order 66 is just around the corner. (So again, knowing the characters’ fate, why bother?) Ahsoka does, however, represent a gigantic step forward from Jar-Jar Binks.
  • Six live action movies, and Lucas chooses this kid’s movie to have a character use “damn” as an exclamation? I don’t remember any profanity (other than made up ones like “bantha poodoo”) in the live action movies, but I admit they would have been easier to overlook in those!

I’m not even for sure what to say about so much of the movie… The baby Hutt? Seriously? Thank you, Lucas, for the potty humor. The graphics? Not bad, but the two-dimensional Clone Wars was much funner to watch. Jabba’s uncle? Welcome to New Orleans! Gah, so much for being in a galaxy far, far away. I vote that an energy field be erected around all things Star Wars for the sole intention of keeping George Lucas away from it all. My rating? 3.5 out of 10. Rent it only if you have some time to kill; see it in the theater only if you’re such a hardcore fan that you’d be showing up in a clone trooper uniform.

2 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”

  1. I was planning to go see this, but it doesn’t sound like it would be worth it. They should have made a movie about the distant past of the Jedi instead. I read some of the Jedi comic books and they have some great stories for the early days of the Jedi.

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