Soundtrack Life

So here’s how it works:

- Open your music library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Play­er, etc).
— Put it on shuf­fle (I’m assum­ing they mean shuf­fle with every song).
— Press play.
— For every ques­tion, put the song that’s playing.
— When you go to a new ques­tion, skip to the next song.
— Ready? GO!


Open­ing Cred­its: “Crazy” by MercyMe

Wak­ing Up: “I Want to Be Where You Are” by Don Moen

Falling In Love: “Rest on the Rock” by the Isaacs

Fight Scene: “Big Coun­try” by Adam Steffey

Break­ing Up: “The Noise We Make” by Chris Tomlin

Make-up: “Holy Lamb” by the Steve Pet­tit Evan­ge­lis­tic Team

Secret Love: “Pret­ty Red Wing” by the Blue­grass Cardinals

Life’s Okay: “Word of God Speak” by MercyMe

Men­tal Break­down: “Take Up Your Cross” by Ray Boltz

Dri­ving: “He Called Me Out” by Greater Vision with Rex Nelon

Flash­backs: “God Is Watch­ing Over Me” by Doyle Law­son & Quicksilver

Hap­py Dance: “Lose Again” by Ali­son Krauss & Union Station

Regret­ting: “All Because” by Tree63

Long Night Alone: “Hold Whatcha Got” by the Nit­ty Grit­ty Dirt Band with Jim­my Martin

Final Bat­tle: “How Moun­tain Girls Can Love” by Ricky Skag­gs & Ken­tucky Thunder

Death Scene: “I’ll Wear a White Robe” by Tim Surrett

Final End­ing: “Four Dead Guys Waltz” by Chris Thile

End Cred­its: “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” by the Steve Pet­tit Evan­ge­lis­tic Team

Some of those actu­al­ly make sense. Makes for an odd sount track, that’s for sure!

(from Bro­ken Halo)

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Rick Beckman