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I forget where I read it at, but someone pointed out that comment spam on blogs was getting more sophisticated. Spammers have been trying to trick people into thinking their comments are legitimate while entering for their homepage the site they want to spam.
It’s rare I get comment spam, and Akismet hasn’t missed one yet, but when I checked the comments it caught today just to be sure no legit comment was being held, I noticed my first bit of “intelligent” spam.

The message entered was, “Good writing. Do you have an RSS feed where can I suscribe? I tried using bloglines but couldn’t.” Poor person; I should help him out by approving his comment and helping him get suscribed, right? It’s a good thing that spammy addresses are still very easily recognized.

And though this comment may be able to trick a naive new blogger, it could not penetrate the Great Wall of Akismet.

The point is if you are approving comments, be sure not to approve any seemingly legit emails which are really spam. And, if possible, use Akismet for all your spam protection needs.

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