In Remembrance of 2001/09/11

Today marks the fourteenth anniversary that a handful of faithful Muslims chose the path of martyrdom in an act of terror against the United States.

the Rick Beckman archive and Secular Now would like to remind you that religions — especially the Abrahamic religions of Judaism née Hebraism, Christianity, and Islam — have antagonism toward human cooperation built into their core scriptures.

Humanity was at peace, and the supposed “God of Peace” came down and wrecked the whole civilization.

In a secular now, we don’t worship terrorist gods, nor do we incite violence against one another in the name of our supposed gods of peace.

We get along, together, for the sake of each other, because we know this is the only life we have. Together, we can prosper. We can survive. We can do great and amazing things!

But we can’t do that with religion. The foundational tale of the the tower of Babel forever reminds us of that — that we shouldn’t be coming together, that we shouldn’t be aiming to do great things. When we do so, after all, religion loses its grip; its furtherance depends upon humanity being divided, even if it has to be the one dividing us, through acts of terror, through the making of martyrs, through never ending persecution complexes.

We must move past religion. We can do so much better.

Featured image: source, public domain

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