Semi-Sweet Morsels

I have had writer’s block for the past cou­ple of days, and I do apol­o­gize for that to any­one who looks for updates here at King­dom Geek.

  • Things have been pret­ty busy, though, for which I’m thank­ful. Notably, I’ve been spend­ing a lot of my free time — when I’m not watch­ing The X‑Files — pro­vid­ing sup­port at the DIY Themes sup­port forums. What began as sim­ply help­ing out the com­mu­ni­ty so that I could bet­ter learn the theme I’m using here has turned out to be (poten­tial­ly) fair­ly lucra­tive. More on that lat­er, and no I’m not refer­ring to the refer­ral pro­gram — I suck at affil­i­ate mar­ket­ing any­way. Suf­fice it to say, if the cur­rent plans pan out, my month­ly income could be increas­ing by 50%, which if you knew the num­bers is quite a mea­ger amount any­way, but it is an answer to a prayer and a con­cern of mine and it could not have come at a bet­ter time.
  • Aside from that, I’ve been toy­ing around with build­ing a the­ol­o­gy wiki from scratch — for like the umpteenth time. Cur­rent­ly it resides in an undis­closed loca­tion and will not be made pub­lic until I have enough con­tent there to give vis­i­tors an idea of the direc­tion the site will be mov­ing in. The ulti­mate, pie-in-the-sky goal is to cre­ate a sol­id online Bible com­men­tary, a place where peo­ple can get answers to ques­tions like “Why did Bal­aam’s ass talk?” or “Who is the Antichrist, and do I need to be wor­ried about microchips in my cred­it cards?” Oh sure, there are resources out there — the Wikipedia comes to mind. And there are cer­tain­ly oth­er the­ol­o­gy wikis. Still, I want to see where this project goes. At the moment, there is one true arti­cle, and I’m quite hap­py with how it turned out — notwith­stand­ing self-criticism.
  • Oh, and I don’t know if I can blame Col­in for this or not, but late­ly I’ve been want­i­ng to switch to a Mac sys­tem. I real­ly can’t explain it, espe­cial­ly giv­en that Win­dows works decent enough. Some of the time. Bleh. Oh, and a ran­dom bit of triv­ia: If you go to the Apple store and cus­tomize a Mac Pro, you can quite eas­i­ly push it’s price above the $25,000 mark. Now I know what kind of com­put­er Bill Gates uses at home when nobody’s looking.
  • And speak­ing of Col­in, if you are on Face­book, you should check out the Pack­Rat appli­ca­tion. It’s an amaz­ing­ly addic­tive lit­tle card game. I still play it every now and again and there is always more to accom­plish on there. Dis­claimer: Don’t blame me if you start play­ing Pack­Rat and real life pass­es you by.
  • For the past cou­ple of nights and tonight I’ve been work­ing overnights with a cou­ple of friends to get the sport­ing goods depart­ment ready for the fall sea­son. Throw­ing your sleep / activ­i­ty pat­tern real­ly takes its toll. I’m exhaust­ed. Either way, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s nice being in the store with­out cus­tomers and dur­ing the time that they play in-store music. We miss that so much dur­ing the day.
  • I’d be remiss if I did­n’t include some­thing about what I’m lis­ten­ing to cur­rent­ly, and right now I’m dig­ging Chris Thile’s How to Grow a Woman from the Ground. Good stuff, espe­cial­ly “Way­side (Back in Time).”
  • My phone had some­thing spilled on it, effec­tive­ly putting it out of com­mis­sion. (No, it hon­est­ly was not my fault!) Destroyed gad­gets lead to new gad­gets, and I’ll now be car­ry­ing around a shiny, new enV2. I haven’t actu­al­ly seen it yet, though; Ali­cia picked it up while she was in Indy today, so I may not see until tomor­row when I get off work. Dan­ged antic­i­pa­tion. Ah well. :-) 
  • I’m using Pop­u­lar­i­ty Con­test here now which keeps track of the pop­u­lar­i­ty of each post based upon com­ments, Track­Backs, Ping­Backs, and var­i­ous types of page views (direct, in a feed, on the index page, and so on). A list of the most pop­u­lar posts is in the side­bar now, and at the end of each post the post’s pop­u­lar­i­ty is shown as a per­cent­age of the most pop­u­lar post. (A post which shows “Pop­u­lar­i­ty: 33%” is 33% as pop­u­lar as the most pop­u­lar post. I hope that makes sense (and is accu­rate)! If you’re new here, check out the list in the side­bar to see what’s hot!
  • Last­ly, I’m see­ing The Dark Knight again with my wife and some friends on Thurs­day. If you haven’t seen it, it’s an amaz­ing movie. There’s been a lot of philosophy/theology buzz through­out the blo­goso­phere — at least my region of it — regard­ing the movie, so I’m going to try to watch the movie with a more attuned eye this time around.

4 thoughts on “Semi-Sweet Morsels”

  1. Hey.. are you plan­ning to give some design cus­tomiza­tion for The­sis ? I think that is your plan ..

    you should offer me some for free if I sign up as your refer­ral .. LOL

  2. dinu: I had­n’t planned any cus­tomiza­tions for The­sis out­side of those shared on its sup­port board. Any that I do release will be made avail­able for free, though. :)

  3. Sweet. Two ref­er­ences. One post. Hit the jackpot!

    If some­one adds Pack­Rat because of you and gets addict­ed, tell them they owe you a 100 cred­it refer­ral fee. And then you can just pass 50% over to me. ;)

    You already might be mak­ing 50% more at your new job anyway! =)

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