Science and the Bible

Various apologists, preachers, and Christian pamphleteers have often pointed out that the Bible contains many scientific truths, or facts about reality which we are to believe were penned with supernatural prescience about the world, with the inspirational aid of an omniscient deity, long before the scientific community would arrive at the same conclusions about reality.

However, as with so much that is proposed by the Christian apologetic community, the claims that the Bible was centuries ahead of the scientific community deserve closer scrutiny.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by lengthy lists, which look imposing and official, so the verses in question will be examined individually. This will be in contrast to how these verses are often presented. [ref]See link earlier in this introduction. Also, exhibits B and C.[/ref]

When ascending Olympus, it is important to take your time, giving full consideration to every step you take; one misstep could wreck your whole endeavor. So to it is with examining the claims made by religions; apologists love lists, sound bites, short pamphlets, and just about anything which distils information down to its most basic forms and delivers them in a way which is easily digested by their audience, without providing room to do much critical thinking. You’re encouraged to take your time here; think about what you read, put it through the ringer, and critically think your way to what we hope to be more solid conclusions. After all, we have no ulterior motive to rush you into praying a prayer, joining a church, and loading up a collections plate!

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