Rock Music and Suicide

Recent­ly, David Cloud of Way of Life Lit­er­a­ture sent out an edi­tion of his FBIS titled Rock Music and Sui­cide, in which he sim­ply lists around fifty musi­cians who have been involved in rock music in some way or anoth­er in the past, but have since com­mit­ted suicide. 

No com­men­tary accom­pa­nied this mail­ing, lead­ing me to won­der if Cloud was actu­al­ly glo­ry­ing in the self-imposed deaths of the list­ed musi­cians. I should hope not, how­ev­er, and more like­ly he is attempt­ing to make a con­nec­tion between rock music and suicide.

Demo­graph­i­cal­ly, men over 70 years old here in the USA are the most like­ly group to attempt sui­cide. Shall we use Cloud’s rea­son­ing and con­demn old age as sin?

I must sim­ply state two things:

When log­ic is applied con­sis­tent­ly, many tra­di­tions are trashed, includ­ing those which state that cer­tain styles of music are wrong.

When there is no Scrip­ture avail­able to sup­port one’s tra­di­tions, one is forced to use extrascrip­tur­al rea­son­ings to estab­lish their doc­trine. The Mor­mons, JWs, and Catholics do the same thing.






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Rick Beckman