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Rock Music and Suicide

Recently, David Cloud of Way of Life Literature sent out an edition of his FBIS titled Rock Music and Suicide, in which he simply lists around fifty musicians who have been involved in rock music in some way or another in the past, but have since committed suicide.

No commentary accompanied this mailing, leading me to wonder if Cloud was actually glorying in the self-imposed deaths of the listed musicians. I should hope not, however, and more likely he is attempting to make a connection between rock music and suicide.

Demographically, men over 70 years old here in the USA are the most likely group to attempt suicide. Shall we use Cloud’s reasoning and condemn old age as sin?

I must simply state two things:

When logic is applied consistently, many traditions are trashed, including those which state that certain styles of music are wrong.

When there is no Scripture available to support one’s traditions, one is forced to use extrascriptural reasonings to establish their doctrine. The Mormons, JWs, and Catholics do the same thing.

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