The Testimony of Rebecca Moore

RebeccaThe fol­low­ing is the tes­ti­mo­ny of my dear friend Rebec­ca Moore, which she has shared with me so that I might share it with all of you.

Well, for a long time I thought that I was saved. I looked and act­ed just like a Chris­t­ian. I read my Bible every­day, prayed every­day, went to church every Sun­day and Wednes­day, went to revivals, attend­ed as many church activ­i­ties as pos­si­ble, went on vis­i­ta­tion, sang at nurs­ing homes, and helped with the van min­istry. I would’ve done any­thing if I thought it was pleas­ing to God.

I did­n’t write all that to brag on myself but to let those of you who think you can get to Heav­en by works: you can’t. I have done plen­ty of good deeds, but none of that meant that I was saved. Yes, I had a strong desire to serve God. I was even plan­ning on going to a Chris­t­ian col­lege and becom­ing a mis­sion­ary. How­ev­er, not even my desire to serve God meant that I was going to Heaven.

I had the desire to serve God put in me as a lit­tle kid. My grand­pa was a preach­er and I went to his church as I was grow­ing up. Him, my par­ents, and oth­er peo­ple in that church taught me to want to serve God. Just because I loved God, though, did not mean that I was saved.

I had my doubts for a long time whether or not I was saved. I’ve heard my pas­tor say many times, “How can some­thing as big as God be in you and you not know it?” Well, I did­n’t know it. You may say, “Why did­n’t you do any­thing about it?” I did­n’t because I knew there was noth­ing that I could do until the Holy Ghost start­ed con­vict­ing me. You can’t become saved any­time you want; the Holy Ghost has to draw you (“No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him:” John 6:44). The only thing I thought to do was to pray and say to God, “If I’m lost, show me.

Well, about six or more months had went by and I start­ed giv­ing up. I thought that since God had­n’t giv­en me an answer that He just did­n’t want me. I did the only thing I knew to do: I quit look­ing for the answer. I gave up com­plete­ly. I did­n’t care about any­thing any­more. I start­ed telling myself that reli­gion and Chris­tian­i­ty are fake and that God could­n’t be real because He nev­er showed me if I was real­ly saved.

Deep in my heart, though, I knew He was real. I’d get scared when the thought entered my mind that He was­n’t because I knew He was; I was scared of not believ­ing in Him.I stopped look­ing for God, but He start­ed look­ing for me. He knew that I had giv­en up; He want­ed me that way. If He’d drawn me before I was defeat­ed, I more than like­ly would­n’t have lis­tened because I would’ve tried to do things my own way.

Well, it was on a Fri­day (August 10, 2001), that God chose to knock on my heart’s door. The worst thing I believe in this world is to be lost and know it. It’ll scare you to death. We had camp meet­ing all that week and there had been var­i­ous mes­sages preached on hell but through them all I did­n’t feel a thing. Like I said, I had giv­en up and did­n’t expect an answer anymore.

Well, that Fri­day morn­ing we had some guest singers go up and sing a few songs. It was about the mid­dle of the sec­ond song that I saw my sis­ter Jen­nifer go up to the altar. I knew that she had doubt­ed her sal­va­tion as well, so I went up to pray for her. I don’t even know why I did it because I knew that God could­n’t hear the prayers of the lost but I knew that I had to go up there. I no soon­er hit the altar about ready to pray for my sis­ter when I heard a voice say, “What about you? Are you saved?” It was such a small voice, but I knew it was God and I was­n’t saved.

My mom was on one side of my sis­ter while Preacher’s wife was on the oth­er side pray­ing with her. I man­aged some­how to get my mom’s atten­tion and she came over to me. I told her that I knew I was­n’t saved and that I was­n’t leav­ing the altar until I knew with­out a doubt that I was. My mom read me some vers­es and I just start­ed cry­ing. I had read those very same verse so many times, yet they meant so much more to me then.

I prayed to Jesus to for­give me of my sins and to come into my heart and save me. For some rea­son, I was expect­ing a big change right then or a big thing to hap­pen. It did­n’t hap­pen like I thought; instead, I got such a peace in my heart right then I could­n’t even begin to explain. I wish I could explain it… How I felt right then… Oh, what a peace! I then knew with­out a doubt that I was saved. I don’t wor­ry about things I used to any­more, and it now does­n’t feel like my prayers are just hit­ting the ceil­ing. I now know that God hears me! There just isn’t any­thing like being saved, and I thank God for not giv­ing up on me!

I know that for almost 18 years that I could’ve died at any time and I would’ve went to a dev­il’s hell. Thank God that He did­n’t give up on me when I gave up on Him! Now that’s a mer­ci­ful God!

I’m also very grate­ful that He saved my Aunt Dyan and my sis­ter that same morn­ing; Rick, one of my best friends, lat­er that night; and Rick­’s mom Sat­ur­day night! A week lat­er (August 17), the Lord blessed me again by allow­ing me to lead Sarah, anoth­er one of my best friends, to Christ! God has real­ly been good to me, and He will to any­one who will accept Him. He wants to bless peo­ple if they’ll let Him.

As for right now, I still plan to attend Her­itage Bap­tist Uni­ver­si­ty, but I’m not sure what God will have me to do with my life yet. No mat­ter what it is, though, I’ll do it if He wants me to! I think the next best thing to being saved is to be serv­ing the One who saved me, and what­ev­er He calls me to do, I pray that I’ll do it. My worst fear is that I’d back­slide so far or be so rebel­lious that I could­n’t be used of God — that He’d just put me on a shelf. I nev­er want that to hap­pen. I hope that who­ev­er reads this will pray me to find God’s will for my life. That’s the only thing that mat­ters in life is God and what He’d have you to do. Noth­ing else in this world is going to amount to anything.

I know peo­ple don’t hear many teenagers say this, but I’m look­ing for­ward to the Rap­ture (if God does­n’t call me home before then). I can’t wait to be with Him in Heav­en, my true home! I have a grand­pa up there wait­ing on me… He preached on Heav­en all those years, and now he’s final­ly there. I can’t wait to see him again! I espe­cial­ly can’t wait to see Jesus!!

I pray that who­ev­er might be read­ing this that you’ll ask your­self these ques­tions: “Do you have loved ones up in Heav­en? Will you ever see them again?” Maybe you don’t know if you have loved ones in Heav­en. Maybe this is the first time you’ve heard about sal­va­tion. If it is, I pray that you will become saved before it’s ever­last­ing too late, and if you want to know more about it or you want to talk to me about it, you can (I’m more than hap­py to help you)! If you ever feel God knock­ing at your heart’s door, please don’t shove God away — it might be your last chance. I thank you for read­ing my tes­ti­mo­ny, and I pray that it has been a bless­ing to you. God bless you!

But he was wound­ed for our trans­gres­sions, he was bruised for our iniq­ui­ties: the chas­tise­ment of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

Isa­iah 53:5, King James Version

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