Must Wear Suit to Preach

I’ve read the pastoral epistles more than any other portion of Scripture except perhaps Jude, but I still haven’t found that elusive verse which demands Christian teachers and especially preachers must wear a suit & tie when addressing the congregation.

Unwashed hands, and even clothes, do not defile the man. Let God’s ambassadors speak on the basis of their faithfulness and blamelessness and don’t fret so much about fashion.

I’m writing this wearing a somewhat dusty tee shirt, stained khaki pants, and socks that are showing signs of wear; feel free to ignore me.

2 thoughts on “Must Wear Suit to Preach”

  1. Amen! I’m praying about going “into the ministry” and one of the things I cannot STAND is the idea of wearing suits. Maybe I’ll buy a robe, sash and sandals to get REALLY BIBLICAL about dress codes.

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