Please Pray for Him

I just spent probably more time than I should at a website of someone who used to follow Jesus, but like so many who walked away from Him 2,000 years ago, has decided to turn his back as well. And rather than leave well enough alone, a website is erected–perhaps to validate himself?–with the sole purpose of making fun of or undermining our Lord God, Jesus Christ.

Perhaps I could spend hours writing replies to what he stated; all the objections and rejections were caused by simply not understanding the Bible properly, whether willfully or ignorantly I cannot say.

But of course, what would that solve? Indeed, my blog would probably suffer from non-stop attacks from his supporters (the will of the masses seems powerful when dealing with semi-high-profile sites). I could use the traffic, but still… I like my server online and functioning, and my blog free of spam.

So, in sorrow for this person’s soul, I am asking anyone reading this to please pray God would see that person saved before it is everlasting too late. And if by some off chance this person is already saved (who am I to judge what occurred during his past time of profession of faith?), pray God would see Him return to the fold as the prodigal to his father.

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