phpBB Subforums… A top result for me?

Okay, this is some­what amaz­ing to me… If one search­es Google for the sim­ple phrase phpBB sub­fo­rums, my blog entry for a file I made to doc­u­ment some­one else’s mod­i­fi­ca­tion is the #1 result!

Hmm, I beat out at least three sub­fo­rum MODs that I can think of (Cyber­Alien’s [which is the one I doc­u­ment­ed], the Pseu­do-Sub­fo­rums MOD, and the Cat­e­go­ry Heirar­chy über-MOD. I also beat out any ref­er­ence to the future phpBB 3.x’s sub­fo­rums capa­bil­i­ty. Oh, and I am beat­ing pos­si­bly hun­dreds of com­plaints con­cern­ing phpBB 2.x’s lack of subforums.

Google mys­ti­fies me at times.






2 responses to “phpBB Subforums… A top result for me?”

  1. pentapenguin Avatar

    Huh…I guess Google real­ly likes you! ;)
    Real­ly though, I can’t believe Olym­pus did­n’t get a high­er placement.…

  2. Rick Beckman Avatar

    Per­haps it is a tes­ta­ment to how opti­mized Word­Press is (and even the theme I use, Jour­nal­ized-Win­ter); or it may show that phpBB 3 still needs work done to be as opti­mized as possible.

    How­ev­er, the fact that “phpbb-sub­fo­rums” is in the URL here is a great help–that’s prime key­word real estate. Forum soft­ware from what I’ve seen nev­er uses the top­ic title in the URL, even with .htac­cess hacks, so that key­word space is wasted.

    It may just be enough to push my posts over the top of the offi­cial site. Just my guess.

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