phpBB Subforums… A top result for me?

Okay, this is somewhat amazing to me… If one searches Google for the simple phrase phpBB subforums, my blog entry for a file I made to document someone else’s modification is the #1 result!

Hmm, I beat out at least three subforum MODs that I can think of (CyberAlien’s [which is the one I documented], the Pseudo-Subforums MOD, and the Category Heirarchy über-MOD. I also beat out any reference to the future phpBB 3.x’s subforums capability. Oh, and I am beating possibly hundreds of complaints concerning phpBB 2.x’s lack of subforums.

Google mystifies me at times.

2 thoughts on “phpBB Subforums… A top result for me?”

  1. Perhaps it is a testament to how optimized WordPress is (and even the theme I use, Journalized-Winter); or it may show that phpBB 3 still needs work done to be as optimized as possible.

    However, the fact that “phpbb-subforums” is in the URL here is a great help–that’s prime keyword real estate. Forum software from what I’ve seen never uses the topic title in the URL, even with .htaccess hacks, so that keyword space is wasted.

    It may just be enough to push my posts over the top of the official site. Just my guess.

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