Our Mother Who Art in Heaven?

I’m sick of hearing people claim that God is not masculine, that He is not a “he” at all but is instead the sum of both genders, that the ancients simply didn’t have a way of fully expressing both aspects of God.

Think about that, for a moment. The same people who claim this will still claim that the Scriptures are inspired by God — that He spoke to the ancients and they put pen to paper.

What this means is that we modern folks with fancy words like “asexual” or “gender-neutral” have shown ourselves smarter than God as pertaining to basic expression. Ridiculous!

Sure, God could have said He was our heavenly Parent instead of heavenly Father, but evidently, He wasn’t smart enough to do that, nor the ancients wise enough to correct Him.

But praise be that feminism has enlightened us!

And this enlightenment has spread in the more liberal churches and in various emergent branches of Christendom.

Evidently, God revealing Himself in the masculine has caused a great deal of subjugation of women, or so we are told.

Again, we should be thankful that feminist enlightenment has shown us what a God who is all-wise, or so we thought, didn’t foresee: that His revelation of Himself wouldn’t free people but instead would hold better than half of the population down simply by virtue (curse?) of their gender.

So I’m left with this problem: If God is truly gender-neutral, then we must accept two points: modern man is smarter than God when it comes to expressing certain concepts and feminist thought is more enlightening and freeing than the all-wise Almighty.

In other words, if you choose to express the Father as the mother, then at least be honest and throw out the rest of the Scriptures while you’re at it; you are no longer worshiping the Almighty and have instead created a goddess of your own design.

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