Our First Black President

I haven’t had the privilege of knowing too many black people throughout my life. Actually, a lot of people who have been a part of my life have been racist — well, they wouldn’t call themselves that, but they sure do drop the prejudiced generalizations and jokes often enough.

Some of his policies I very much disagree with, but right now, at this moment, history is being made. I’m making a note of where I am: In our living room with my wife watching House. And I have a cold; I wish it was nothing more than a memory now.

Congratulations, President Obama. Like Rudolph (hey, it’s seasonally appropriate, okay?), your name is going down in history. Big time.

And I will honor you, pray for you, and thank God for you as I try to do with all leadership. You have the opportunity to change the world. Don’t waste it.

2 thoughts on “Our First Black President”

  1. You did not voted for him, but you respect him not because the color of his skin. Please do not be like your friends! Follow your own path. The respect way. Nice to visit your blog. I’d enjoyed the help on Thesis.

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