Our Day Out

Oh man, what a week it’s been, and it’s only Tuesday! The fun began on Saturday, with my wife Jade and I taking the whole day together to celebrate her birthday. Well, I won’t say the whole day; we both slept in, but she let me sleep until well past noon. Whoopsie.

A little later in the afternoon, we drove up to Richmond where at the very least we had planned to eat at Jade’s favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, and to go bowling.

Before we got to those places, though, we went to Hobby Lobby (because we can’t just go to Richmond without going to Hobby Lobby), Lowe’s, Walmart, and Goodwill. I like going to Hobby Lobby because they have some pretty decent Star Trek collectibles, and I came very close to buying a $35 anniversary-edition model kit of the original Starship Enterprise. I talked myself out of it, though, as I’m trying not to actively increase my collectibles until after we, I hope, move into a bigger house in not too distant future. I did, however, find a new wall sign for my daughter’s room that says, “Even Superheroes Have to Clean Their Room.” She’s had its companion sign, “Even Superheroes Have to Do Their Homework,” hanging on her wall for quite some time now.

I don’t get out to Lowe’s much, so it was nice going there with Jade. We looked at various things, from flooring to new appliances, that we would like to try to get to make it easier to eventually sell our house. I especially enjoyed checking out the smart refrigerators in their line-up. Did you know that there are fridges that, with just a knock on the door, you’re granted a view of the inside of the fridge? How freaking cool is that!

After walking around and not finding the last thing we wanted to look at — shower/tub panels for behind the fixtures — we left to head to Walmart. I don’t remember why we went there, but Jade ended up getting new wireless headphones, I picked up the game Monster Hunter: World, and she also picked out a new leotard for my kiddo and her ongoing gymnastics experience.

At Goodwill, I picked up a small stack of books, including War of the Worlds and a young reader’s biography of Jane Goodall. I truly miss having a decent bookstore nearby, but being able to drop by Goodwill in either Connersville or Richmond works well enough to scratch the itch to buy books. Plus, instead of spending $80 and up at a time, I can get a stack of book for below $10. I love that feeling.

Finally, after all of that, we made it to bowling. We paid for two games, and we set out to our lane, hoping for the best. Or at least, I was. I haven’t been bowling for quite some time. I bowled a 107 that first game, beating Jade by around 30 pins. I even earned a strike, which felt pretty good, but my victory was hardly super meaningful — she had a bit of difficulty finding a ball which suited her without feeling like it was going to break her hand, and I inadvertently wasted one of her frames when her ball looked to be stuck at the entrance to the ball return. I figured that a ball thrown down the gutter would knock hers loose, and because her ball hadn’t made it into the return yet, I assumed her first frame of that turn was still active. It wasn’t. Still, I intentionally bowled my next frame into the gutter. Fair is fair, right?

With the next game, however, Jade had found her stride. She scored a couple strikes in a row, and she got into my head a little bit. My bowling took a dive, and she smashed me. Cumulatively, I came out ahead in total pins for the night, but allowing for the problems she had in the first game, it’s clear to me that she should’ve won both games.

And also that I should bowl more often.

We ate dinner after that, and it felt pretty good being seated in front of the half dozen other families waiting because we were willing to take a booth in the bar area. At least I assume that’s what got us in so quickly, without any wait time at all. The food was better than I remember Olive Garden being the few times I’ve eaten there in the past, and I know Jade enjoyed her meal. We ate til we couldn’t eat anymore, then made our way back to Connersville.

On the way we stopped by the old Centerville K-Mart because we thought they were going out of business and hoped to catch some sales. Well, we caught some sales, but the store seems to be open indefinitely for the time being. There were a bunch of clothes on sale, so of course Jade picked out several things for my daughter, including a very smart sweater, a super cute dress that she can wear for Easter, and a new jacket.

It truly was an amazing day out with my wife, and I’m glad to have been able to have the day off to spend it with her.

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