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Hi, and welcome back to Timothy’s Burden. Sorry for the slow posting. :( But I’m back to share a couple of things:

1) Check out “Drinking in Moderation”, a chapter from James W. Knox’s The Lost Cause Series. It is redistributed with permission free of cost, and if you’ve ever wanted to read what the Bible says about alcoholic drink, check it out. He goes into far more than the standard few verse choices of many a website on the subject. I wish only that Brother James would have dealt with issues like the water into wine miracle and the bread and wine of the communion supper.

2) OpenWord has been going very well the past few days. Big thanks to Colin for all his work on it thus far. There’s still only a few articles, but we’re working on it. Our goal is 100 articles before the end of summer, which is a very modest goal so I’m hoping we hit it (or greatly exceed it… that works too). You are, of course, invited to check out OpenWord and contribute to what I hope will one day be a repository of tons of Bible study material.

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