On the Calvinist Hunter’s Hit List

I have been marked for elimination by the dreaded sworn enemy of sovereign grace, the Calvinist Hunter. If my posting becomes erratic, chalk it up to me hiding in caves and surviving on moss & funny looking little mushrooms. Now, I’m off to put together a survival kit; now, where’d I put Institutes…??

14 thoughts on “On the Calvinist Hunter’s Hit List”

  1. Aw man, I wish I was on the “Hit List” too. Every Superman needs his Lex Luther, and I haven’t seem to found mine yet. But you, Rick, you seem to draw a lot of attention to yourself. :)

    Well, good for you. I will be in prayer for this major event.

  2. Rick, is the Calvinist Hunter the “real deal”? I mean, is he serious, or is this just a big April Fool’s Day joke (except in October)?

  3. AKA, he’s serious.

    I wish I could listen to his audio files, but like I keep having to remind you (:D), I don’t have any sound on my computer. Thanks for the recommendation, though. I’m sure it’s worth the time spent listening to it.

  4. I can’t say whether he’s real or not. What I can say is that I’m not involved with the site, and I’m surprised to see myself right up there with Piper & Darby on their “hit list” thingy.

  5. Okay, that’s what I was thinking.

    I mean, his site was so ludicrous that it was obvious something was up. I know of no Arminian who would argue like he did/does.

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