Of America and Christian Nations

Israel as seen in the Old Testament had the problem of repeatedly going after and worshiping false gods. Even during one of histories most pivotal acts, while Moses and God were convened upon Sinai, the Israelites fashioned a golden calf which they could worship.

And repeatedly, God rebuked them, going so far as to say they went “a-whoring” after false gods. Four of the Ten Commandments directly concern faithfulness and loyalty to the Lord God.

America is repeatedly called “Christian” by those who desire the Ten Commandments to be publicly displayed and who believe certain sins (not all of them, by any means) ought to be emphatically out-lawed. But the first of America’s Bill of Rights guarantees the freedom of religion.

If America is a “Christian nation,” one of the first rights guaranteed would not be the freedom of religion. Such plurality has always been abomination to He who is jealous for our souls, who recognizes all other gods as false, and extends eternal life to those who believe into Him.

If America was to be a Christian nation, the Constitution would be overturned. The Scriptures would be the final authority, and judgments would be righteous.

However, Christians are called to be a nation unto themselves and to Christ, a peculiar people called out unto His name, whose citizenship is in Heaven. We are not called to transform the political landscape of the world; Christ will make good on that when He, the Branch of Jesse, sets up His Kingdom over all the earth.:”(See Isaiah 11 for a wonderful description of this kingdom.)”: Rather, we who live within America’s borders are bound to live in harmony with America’s law. We are not called to twist it to fit our view of American history, nor should we seek to force our own rules for living upon one of the world’s nations.

Our service to the world is just that: service. Preach the Gospel. Feed the hungry. Give drink to the thirst. Clothe the naked. Care for widows and the fatherless.:”(James 1:27)”: It is a life changing mission.

Jesus once said to let the dead bury their dead.:”(Matthew 8:22)”: In this one statement, Jesus created a division, separating the works and observances of this world from following Him. Our concern isn’t to see the lost buried; our concern is to preach the gospel so that the dead may have life!

I may be making a stretch, but I think this is an accurate statement: Let the dead govern themselves.

It should not concern us who lost people want to marry, who they want to give their money to, or what monuments they want displayed on their lands! If we properly spent as much time as we should investing in the work and service of the Lord, reading and studying the Bible daily, and exercising pure religion, there would be no time left to mount huge offensive activist projects in order to shove our pearls down the snouts of swine.:”(Thereby gagging the swine and defiling our pearls.)”:

America is not a Christian nation, and we ought not waste the time given to us on Earth attempting to make it such. Such a glorious kingdom ruled by Christ will come in His own time. It is not for us to create one of our own liking.

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