Now With 100% More Gravatars

The combined effects of being joyful over a successful home network setup (see previous post), medicine, and flu symptoms have led me to install the Gravatars2 plugin.

What this means is that comments made here are now gravatar-enabled!

A gravatar (globally recognized avatar) is much like an avatar on a bulletin board or a buddy image on an instant messenger; basically, you sign up (for free) at Gravatar and associate an image with your email address. Then, whenever you leave a comment on a gravatar-enabled website using the same email address, your gravatar will be shown.

Unfortunately, browsing around past comments is showing me that I’m probably the only one here who is using a gravatar; d’oh! Thankfully, the plugin offers a default gravatar functionality; if you comment here and are not a gravatar user, your comment will be supplemented by a gorgeous emoticon-style avatar created by the incomparable Daz.

If you don’t like the random avatar which was shown by your comment, simply refresh the page or get a gravatar!

[edit to add] Note that your gravatar will be cached here for at most one week, with the cache automatically refreshing on a weekly basis. If you change your gravatar and notice that it does not immediately appear on your comments here, just give it some time.

2 thoughts on “Now With 100% More Gravatars”

  1. I used to have Gravatars on my site, but over the course of many WordPress upgrades and theme changes, I eventually disabled the plugin and did away with them.

    Hmm, it’s been a long time since I’ve changed my gravatar. I’ll have to do something about that. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Hey Chris, thanks for the comments.

    Glad I could inspire you to update your gravatar; I stopped using the service ages ago when it became too unreliable, but ever since Automattic bought it, things seem to be great.

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