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I just love tax refund time — not so much because I love money (though it certainly isn’t bad! — but because it’s nice to get back all that money I’ve been saving up throughout the year at the Bank of the IRS. Oh, sure, it doesn’t earn any interest, and I have no idea how much I have in the “account” until I fill out the withdrawal slip (cleverly disguised as an income tax return form).

Still the amount of my (and more recently, our) refund has grown steadily over the past several years, and this year we made sure to put it to good use.

Most prominently, we purchased an elusive Nintendo Wii. This is huge for me. My game systems collection used to consist of a Nintendo Entertainment System, a Game Boy Color, a Super Nintendo, a DreamCast, a PlayStation, and a Nintendo 64. Between them, I had a great library of games.

But then I went crazy and thought it’d be a good idea to sell them all to save some money — and besides, a good little legalist shouldn’t be wasting all his time on games, right?

What a bummer that was, and I regret it more every time I think about how much fun some of those games were. Since that move, Alicia and I have a Super Nintendo and a GameCube — we briefly owned a Nintendo DS, but I sold it to a friend who couldn’t afford a new one for his daughter. We also have a Sega Game Gear, but we rarely touch it.

That all changed a week ago — with this year’s tax refund, we bought a Nintendo Wii (after searching something like 20 stores in three different states). And we’re both loving it. Including Wii Sports (which comes with the system), we have Super Smash Bros. Brawl, The House of the Dead 2 & 3, and Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock.

The House of the Dead 2 was a game I had for the DreamCast, and the Wii version is just as fun — the terrible (or rather, terribly hilarious) voice acting is just as memorable as ever. Plus, playing the game with Wiimotes is unfathomably more fun than attempting to point & shoot while using a directional pad or analog stick.

Anyway, the point of this little post isn’t so much to rave about games, but to share my friend codes — if you have any of the games I mentioned, let me know your code, and we’ll have to play online.

  • Wii #: 3182 0644 0993 7747
  • Guitar Hero 3: 1160 9606 5009
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 2578 2930 9607
  • Mario Kart Wii: 2277-7043-3745

I’m still very uninitiated regarding what all the Wii can do online with friends and the contact lists and stuff, so if I ever seem completely ignorant, please be forgiving. :P

9 thoughts on “Now Playing: The Nintendo Wii!”

  1. Haha. :) From the link: “The wasted life is the life without this passion.”

    Trust me, we’ve been playing Guitar Hero fairly passionately — it takes a lot of focus to pass songs on Hard! :-P


    Regarding the post excerpts, it’s actually fairly simple. When writing a post, be sure to add an excerpt to the “Excerpt” field; for my part, I typically include the picture I’m putting on the post and a small blurb as well.

    Then I edited index.php of my theme to get the excerpt for everything except the first post on the page.

    For most themes, it is likely a matter of replacing the bit; this code should work, though it does not take into account any styling or layout which will of course vary:

    Hmm, maybe writing up a proper tutorial for that effect as an entry may be worthwhile. :)

  2. “I could annihilate you on Guitar Hero.” — Then your pride shall be your undoing. ;-)

    (Okay, maybe not, but I seem to improve a tiny bit every time I play, so by the time you get a Wii, maybe I’ll be a formidable opponent? One can hope!)

  3. Thanks for the info on the excerpts. I think I’m going to implement it.

    As for Guitar Hero, just wait til I get me a Wii. I could annihilate you on Guitar Hero. :P

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