I’ve Been Facebook’d

I took the plunge and joined Facebook. What do I like? How does it compare to the social network which I first took part in (MySpace)? And most importantly, how can you find me on Facebook?

Rick Beckman's Facebook profile After having tried and greatly disliked MySpace, I am pleased that not all social networks suck. As of yesterday, I am a happy member of Facebook, and you’re welcome to check out my profile.

As far as I can tell, there is no way for users to customize the style of their profile, which I think is great — most of what I saw on MySpace was retina-burning.

Also, there appears to be no way for users to include music and videos on their profile, set to auto-play for no apparent reason. I despise websites with video and sound which play automatically, unless that is specifically what I’m viewing the page for, such as on YouTube.

Additionally, I know more people on Facebook than I did on MySpace, but then again I didn’t spend much time searching there!

Anyway, I’m liking Facebook this far and am enjoying finding quite a few familiar faces which I haven’t seen since high school!

I have my profile set up so that it imports my blog entries from The Cerulean Standard as well. If you add me as a friend on there, you should be able to then easily keep up to date with my latest writings here. Great, huh? But don’t let that scare you off from adding me!

Oh, and be sure to like and share my page, Secular Now!

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